Councillors act on rising crime

by Lib Dem Team on 18 January, 2017

We’ve seen a big jump in crime locally, including thefts from cars, sheds and homes, thefts of high-value cars, anti-social behaviour and vandalism. The problem isn’t confined to Cheadle and Gatley – there’s a similar rise across Stockport, Greater Manchester and much of the UK. “After last year’s budget when the Conservatives cut Police funding, […]

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Autism-friendly sessions at Cheadle Library

by Lib Dem Team on 18 January, 2017

A great innovation – dedicated time at Cheadle Library for people with autism – 1pm-3pm on the third Wednesday of every month. The next sessions are 18th Jan and 15th Feb 2017.  

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If you were hoping for a clear and sensible plan for Brexit Britain from Theresa May you’ll be disappointed. Theresa May’s 12 point speech contained no plan for Britain. The one thing we did learn is the Conservatives have ditched their 2015 manifesto promise to stay in the Single Market and have now decided to […]

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Anger as X57 bus to lose evening services

by Lib Dem Team on 12 January, 2017

Evening services on the X57 bus are to be removed as they’re seen as too expensive to continue. The controversial move is causing concern among residents: public transport links from Cheadle into Manchester are already poor and need to be improved, not made worse. The proposals have already been advertised on the bus service. They […]

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44 and 45 buses to lose Cheadle loop

by Lib Dem Team on 12 January, 2017

The 44 and 45 buses that run from the Airport and Heald Green through Gatley and into Manchester are getting a route change. Currently the buses come through Gatley and turn right at the Gatley lights, then go along Broadway, left onto Wilmslow Road, left onto Gatley Road and then right onto Kingsway towards Parrs […]

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Seven days to save the green belt

by Lib Dem Team on 12 January, 2017

Thursday 12th January 2017 A week today the Lib Dems will be proposing a motion at Stockport Full Council to withdraw from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework. We believe an alternative plan can be devised which pays more attention to the views of residents and delivers the homes we need with much less impact on […]

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Lib Dem Victory as Labour scraps black bin plans

by Lib Dem Team on 12 January, 2017

Labour Council chiefs have finally dropped plans to only collect black bins once every three weeks. “Thank you to everyone who supported our campaign against these daft proposals,” said Cllr Iain Roberts. “Labour wanted to throw out all the existing black bins, hand out 100,000 new – slightly larger – ones and then only empty […]

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Thank you for South Park Road Estate litter pick

by Lib Dem Team on 10 January, 2017

Thank you to residents who helped Graham, Keith, Iain and Lib Dem campaigner Claire Halliwell with our litter pick on the South Park Road Estate on Sunday. Ten bags filled with rubbish!

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Action on Jubilee Park anti-social behaviour

by Lib Dem Team on 4 January, 2017

Following concern from residents on Frances Street about anti-social behaviour, the Lib Dems have been asking for overgrown shrubs to be thinned out and removed: they acted as a magnet for groups of young people who often caused trouble. We’re very pleased that the Council is acting on this. Here’s what we’ve been told by […]

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Huge 12.5% fare increase from Gatley to Manchester

by Lib Dem Team on 3 January, 2017

The off-peak return rail fare from Gatley into Manchester has gone up by a massive, inflation-busting 12.5% in the New Year price rises. An off-peak return cost £4 in December and now costs £4.50. “How can Northern Rail possibly justify increasing the fare by 12.5 percent in just one year?” asked Cllr Iain Roberts. “How […]

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