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What’s on at Cheadle Area Committee, 7th June 2016

by Lib Dem Team on 30 May, 2016

Cheadle Area Committee on 7th June will be in the canteen at the Foxland Road campus of Kingsway School. It starts at 6pm and all are welcome.

Coming up on the agenda:

  • Review of the Neighbourhood Action Plans for improving the parts of the area with Stockport Homes housing.
  • St Ann’s Road Allotment Association are applying for a £699 grant to buy a wood chipper.
  • St Ann’s Lourdes Group from St. Ann’s RC Church, Vicarage Avenue, Cheadle Hulme applying for a £1000 grant towards taking a group of young people to Lourdes to care for sick and elderly pilgrims.
  • Planning application 61294 for extension of 116 Styal Road, Area Committee – coming to us for a view because the property is in the green belt.
  • A long and technical report on everything someone applying for planning permission might have to do in order to have a valid application.
  • Annual report of Brookfield Shiers Family Trust (money the council holds in trust for the community). We have previously resolved to spend £25,000 on local projects that benefit elderly people.
  • Money available from planning developments to improve our play areas


8 Responses

  1. Les.Ormrod says:

    For many years the former nurses home in the grounds of the priory has lain derilict.
    Residents of the glen eagles estate must be fed up looking out on to it.surely this is a ideal location for much needed affordable /open market housing.
    Have the owners any development plans for the building?
    Surely the council could intervene and at least of the building pulled down and tidy up the site.
    Regards. Les.Ormrod

  2. Roy says:

    Please add to the agenda the planes/noise resulting from Manchester Airports decision to route the majority of take offs over Gatley Cheadle Stockport.
    Also please add Cheadles problematic new pavement and lack of rectification.

    • Lib Dem Team says:

      Hi Roy – we have regular meetings with the airport where we can and do raise issues. On the pavements, we’re chasing that up at the moment. The contractors have already been back to make repairs but we think more is needed.

  3. Petronica says:

    Yes the noise from the planes going over Gatley is horrendous. On some days it starts around 5am, goes on throughout the day and into the early hours of the morning. What will it be like when the planned expansion at the airport comes to fruition? I think it is going to be like living in the flight path of one of the London airports.

  4. Roy says:

    Could you indentfie where these so called repairs have been carried out , I and I am sure many others would be interested to know this location. I’ve just walked down Brooklyn Road and there is definently a trip hazard in the new pavement outside Chickades and so many loose pavings that there are too many to count,I await your response with interest

    • Lib Dem Team says:

      Hi Roy – I believe repairs were carried out on the High Street. It would be *very* useful if you could let us have any specific localtions (Chickadees noted) so we can pass them onto the council for action.

  5. Mak says:

    The noise from Planes!!! I thought it was just me! How do we complain?! And how can we get this reduced./..? 1am 5am its not right!

  6. MBWW says:

    What a real shame that the planning police came to Gatley to tell a young lad that his treehouse didn’t have planning permission and must be taken down. He and his pals have been building this for over a year… using reclaimed materials and shopping local at A&I supplies for the fixtures all with their own money. The boys haven’t been roaming the streets , causing any damage or disturbance to others . They have used their creative and innovative ideas to build a small structure that they are really proud of. One complaint after a year ? Has brought the council planners to cause upset, look at the reactions of the local people of Gatley on their Facebook page, offering support far more in favour,than 1 complainant

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