Council services notice on Brookfield Park travellers

by Iain Roberts on 8 August, 2017

The Council has served notice on the travellers who are camped on Brookfield Park, Cheadle. According to the notice, they had to leave the field by 4pm on Saturday (12th August).

We have not had a chance to check whether they’ve gone. If they have not, the Council will apply for a magistrates court hearing and get a court order.

The Lib Dem team have been told that the Police have said that they won’t issue a Section 61 notice to move the travellers off Brookfield Park in Cheadle.

Cllr Iain Roberts said “To me, the fact that they’ve vandalised council property to illegally force entry onto the field should have been sufficient for the Police to act. I understand the pressures the Police are under, and I’ve always worked with them and campaigned for more resources, but on this occasion I believe they’ve made the wrong call.”

We have not received reports of any specific problems caused by the travellers on the site over the last few days.

(Story updated 13th August 2017)


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  1. Steve Mason says:

    Noticed one of the gates to the house about to be demolished on the corner of Wilmslow Road/Broadway was carried off 7.30am this morning by a man in hi-viz jacket and walking a rottweiler type dog.

    A silver VW car came a few hours later (T948 JLK – no MOT) and the guy was checking out the 2 remaining gates.


    • Neal Robertson says:

      When the travellers arrive, crime usually rises in the immediate vicinity. Sorry to say and I know it’s not politically correct but travellers give nothing at all to society and just play the victim and take, take and take.
      As for the Police – anything they can do to say something isn’t a criminal matter and is a civil matter, they’ll do. I appreciate they’ve had horrendous cutbacks but crime is no longer being investigated unless it’s a ‘top of the dance’ crime !!

  2. Neal Robertson says:

    Yet !!
    Cynical view I know but, for years, central government said the stats showed crime was falling. All that was happening, as is now widely known, is that police cuts meant less arrests which, in turn, suggested less crime. So, what I’m saying is that statistics can show, and indeed hide, a myriad of facts

  3. Harry Bull says:

    I don’t know the physical set up of the area, but if the police won’t move them, and they won’t go – why not block them in so they CAN’T go!! I know, it’s perverse but it may dissuade future settlers

  4. Alice Fox says:

    If the Police wont act, I suggest that they accept liability for any damage caused.

  5. Ged shiel says:

    Iain maybe your not looking in the right places, why not take a walk in Brookfield park and have a look at all the fly tipping that’s going on , last time I heard that was a crime . The longer you leave it the more it’s going to cost to clean it up, I witnessed shop lifting on a grand scale in cheadle ,people running out of shops with goods , just to say !! I’ve noticed a spike in local crime and I am not even looking for it !.

  6. Ged shiel says:

    Also people have been offering drugs in lieu of a wash at cheadle swimming baths,does this not constitute a crime ?

  7. Alan says:

    Like everything else in this country, thanks to the Tories ‘austerity’, the police are a busted flush. That doesn’t make it right that they refuse to engage in a bit of paperwork, perhaps if someone said, you have 12 hours to leave or we’ll move in with JCBs and drag your kit off the park, it might focus their
    Minds a bit.

  8. Val jordan says:

    There were still caravans there this morning

  9. Chris says:

    Do what Warrington council did, build a purpose built travellers park right next to a police station with CCTV and fencing. Needless to say no one uses it but it helps speed up the eviction process

  10. Ged Shiel says:

    Well said alan , unfortunately we are not allowed to do anything like that , because believe it or not , that’s against the law 😂

  11. June says:

    Monday a.m. most of the caravans have moved to a different section of the park.
    Lots of churned up grass/mud and rubbish.

  12. John Plant says:

    Is it possible to push for a change in the law so it makes it easier to evict these trespassers, and to prosecute for damage and tipping. Im sure if I broke a lock on private property as set up home on the land and dispose of all my debris on the land I would be in a cell at Cheadle Heath Nick pretty sharpish

  13. Roy says:

    Tesco Cheadle locked the back door to there store at 6.45pm Saturday not a normal occurrence could it be a requirement of Travellers in the neighbourhood also today Monday at approx. 11.45 am 2 young boy’s without crash helmets were riding down Wilmslow Road towards the High Street obviously not insured. My question is Where Are The Police.

  14. Irene says:

    Caravans and ordinary vans there this morning (16th) and now a car parked on the footpath from the bridge leading to the end of Brookfield Road. And of course lots of rubbish and litter

  15. Ged shiel says:

    19th August, more gypsies on the field no sign of anything being done ,why don’t we get the welcome mat out for them . Are the council and police on holiday, it sure looks that way, why can’t the the barrier be locked again with them given a time warning, they would soon be off if they couldn’t drive there vehicles in and out when they feel like it ?? Is there anybody out there ?

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