Ram Roast success

by Iain Roberts on 7 May, 2018

Iain Roberts, Keith Holloway, Richard Flowers and the Lib Dem team had a great time at the 42nd annual Ram Roast yesterday. Thank you to everyone who worked hard to make it a success – hopefully it raised piles of money for 2nd Cheadle Scouts.

Lots of great displays and stalls on a scorching day.

“The Karate demonstration was excellent. Lots of children watching so hopefully a lot of new members” said Keith.


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  1. janet mcleod says:

    That photograph of the ram roasting looks like some sort of demonic sacrifice. Its really horrendous that people are celebrating and having fun around a poor innocent animal that has unwillingly given up its life for all your taste buds. Just like all the billions of other animals imprisoned, abused horrendously and then slaughtered all against their will. Its disgusting and so very cruel. Give up the dead animal flesh and go vegan.

  2. John H says:

    Next year could be a NUT AND BERRY roast- but it may not have the appeal of this traditional event in the scouting calendar.

    • janet mcleod says:

      Who cares about tradition when it comes to innocent beings suffering just for your taste buds? What is tradition anyway? There are some things that need to change and abusing, imprisoning and slaughtering innocent animals and then putting them on a spit roast for your entertainment is one of them. Animal agriculture is also the biggest cause of climate change and greenhouse gasses above all air, train and cars so yes it needs to change.

      • Kevin says:

        I eat meat but seeing the animals being cooked and served makes me confront the reality of what actually happens. Perhaps it will make others, particularly the young, think about meat and where it comes from. They can then make informed choices.

        • janet mcleod says:

          Alot of young people, esp teenagers, are now realising and are becoming vegan. And many adults are realising how cruel the meat industry is too and are also becoming vegan. Veganism and vegetarianism are becoming much easier now than it used to be due to availability of vegan foods etc in the supermarkets.

  3. JohnWilly McB says:

    You teeth will tell you what you were designed to eat.
    Check the carnivores teeth then check the herbivores.
    I leave the contributors to draw their conclusions

    • janet mcleod says:

      Yes you.re right it does tell you. And its clear that carnivores teeth such as cats for example are completely different to ours.

  4. GB says:

    I also found the photo of the animal’s carcass being roasted over the open fire rather distasteful. Such scenes should be consigned to history – not repeated in front of the young.

    • janet mcleod says:

      Yes I agree . One day people will look back on it in disbelief, just like many are already starting to do

  5. Ashley says:

    I think you complainers need to get a life. Nobody asked you or made you click on the “Ram Roast With Photos” link. What did you expect to see? The clue was in the name!

    If you choose to be Vegan that’s your choice but don’t try to force your views on others as we don’t on you. My wive is a vegetarian but chose to attend the event and you don’t see her complaining about others eating what they enjoy.

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