Anger as Gatley train chaos continues

by Iain Roberts on 1 June, 2018

Passengers trying to travel to and from Gatley station have been furious as the cancellations and delays have not only continued but got even worse.

Local councillor Graham Greenhalgh is making sure those in charge are aware of the problems at Gatley.

“Since the 20th May we have lobbied Northern Rail and Greater Manchester Authorities to explain the cause and planned correction of the rail timetable failures. It is difficult to pin any one organisation down on the true causes with everyone blaming each other. We will continue to pressure all the parties involved to quickly resolve the present situation and explain how we got to this mess to avoid similar failure in the future,” said Graham.

Northern Rail’s latest excuse is that the timetables were finalised too late so they’ve not had the time to train crews for new routes. They have finally admitted some blame, having previously claimed it was all the fault of Network Rail.


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  1. Denise Williams says:

    Do you have any input into this situation? The half hour service was bad enough but now the service is much reduced. The service to Leeds is also reduced from a 20 minute service to half hourly. That train is a nightmare with too few carriages for the passengers. Yes I know you have no say in the Manchester Pic to Leeds service but it is all very depressing and makes travelling a miserable experience.

  2. Rafid Alkhaddar says:

    I work in Liverpool and started using the train during the month of Ramdhan to travel to Liverpool from Gatley. I was pleased to see more direct trains to Lime Steert station. However after a couple of days I found out how bad the situation is. I had a number of trains cancelled either from Gatley or Lime street. Also I cannot recall one train arriving on time. One trip took me 2.40 hours to get back to Gatley from Lime Street. To add insult to injury I tried to claim back one ticket from Virgin Trains and after an hour on the phone, I was told that I need to post the tickets back to Virgin by recorder delivery and pay for them myself before I can get the refund. I spent another hour in the phone trying to complain and nothing was done apart towards the end I was given 50% discount on train tickets, but only valied on Virgin Trains which means I cannot use it to go to Liverpool! I ended up using my car again to commute to work!

  3. Linda says:

    Just how hard can it be to run a Train from the Airport to Manchester and back again. Such a small thing but would alleviate a huge amount of problems.

  4. John Ellis says:

    Normally in the business world, an increase in demand should lead to an increase in supply. Clearly not in the case of Northern Fail, a situation playing out all over this country.

  5. Ian says:

    I actually felt sorry for Mr. Happy our cheerful station master last week he looked like he was about to explode having to deal with the number of complaints about this failing system.

  6. Roy says:

    A rail service run by Northern Rail = more cars on the road as travellers give up on public transport. Sack Northern Rail and appoint a company that can guarantee to operate a service which serves the needs and requirements of the travelling public,if such a company cannot be found then the operation must be taken back and run by the State.

  7. Nigel Martin says:

    The trains ran fine on Saturday but cancellations at 07.05 today?

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