Report back from Cheadle Area Committee, 5th June 2018

by Iain Roberts on 5 June, 2018

The first Cheadle Area Committee since the local elections was on Tuesday 5th June 2018 at 6pm at Trinity Church.

Here’s what’s happened:

  • The Police attended to discuss the problem of off-road bikes. The advice remains that the Police really need to get intelligence on where the bikers live and, while it takes time, that approach can be successful. The Police also talked about anti-social behaviour and shoplifting in response to questions from residents. As ever, call 101 to log a crime – painfully slow as that can be!
  • Our Public Realm Officer, Paul Clarke reported back on several issues. Community Payback have worked to clear an overgrown garden on Alder Road that the resident couldn’t manage. They have also been to the end of Lorna Grove and Rosewood Gardens to clear vegetation and litter. The Council is looking at enforcement action on Daylesford Road/Schools Hill as the owner of the hedge at the junction has not cut it back. Litter and fly-tipping around Cheadle Royal has been cleared by Sainsbury’s. This includes hundreds of rubber gloves thrown away after people had used them at the petrol station, and people eating lunch in their cars and then throwing the rubbish out of the window. Belmont Road is being monitored for fly-tipping. Blocked drains have been cleared on Mornington Road, among others.
  • Funding application from 5th Cheadle Hulme Scout and Guide Community Building for £1000 towards repairing the main building floor. We approved our part.
  • Funding application from Cheadle & Gatley Junior Football Club for £1000 towards balls, equipment and venue hire was postponed
  • Funding application from Edinburgh Tenants Association for £564 for 24 hanging baskets with flowers was approved.
  • Funding application from Queens Gardens Residents Association for £565.50 for a trip to Manchester with river cruise as approved.
  • Funding application for Cheadle-Get-Connected’s Picnic on the Park event on 22nd July was approved, as was the application to use the park.
  • Planning application 68598 – temporary planning permission for three years for the siting of a green steel storage container in the staff car park for storage associated with the hotel was approved – but will need another application in 3 years.
  • Notification of a planning appeal by the Red Lion Filling Station, Cheadle. They want to be able to open 24 hours a day, the council said no so now they are going to the planning inspector to try and overturn the decision.
  • Draft SEMMM strategy – the new transport strategy covering South East Manchester, including our area. We queried whether the decisions had all been made. No, we were assured that different options remain open. So, for example, detailed traffic modelling has not yet been done on the option for a roundabout at the Gatley lights junction. If the modelling showed that a roundabout wouldn’t work, another option would be needed.
  • Brookfield Shiers Family Trust annual report – £325,549 the council holds in trust for local residents and has the ability to distribute over time. Having successfully distributed over £16,000 to combat loneliness for the elderly, we are putting a further £35,000 into the pot. We will look at a wider range of recipients including young carers and sports clubs for all ages. Awards will typically be around £1000, but some awards of up to £5000 will be available.
  • Proposal for double yellow lines at the junction Tatton Close and Tarvin Road, and around the first bend in Tatton Close were approved – taking the second of two options in the report.
  • Report back on residents’ consultation over “no stopping except for buses” order on the bus stop in the lay-by on Wilmslow Road opposite the Southgate Business Park, Heald Green.
  • Application from Cheadle-get-connected to hold another community picnic in Abney Hall Park.
  • For Remembrance Day we will be having some larger poppies to attach to lampposts on main roads across the area.

10 Responses

  1. Sue D. says:

    “Notification of a planning appeal by the Red Lion Filling Station, Cheadle. They want to be able to open 24 hours a day, the council said no so now they are going to the planning inspector to try and overturn the decision.”

    What’s wrong with a 24/7 petrol station? I wanna go buy snacks at 4am some days and also get some petrol so I can set off early like on the days I drive down south.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Sue – it’s in a residential area and we feel it would cause too many problems for local residents. Nothing at all wrong with a 24 hour petrol station the right place – there are a few around you can already use.

      • janet mcleod says:

        What 24 hour petrol stations or shops do we have access to in Cheadle? I dont know of any. Also it is on a main road so people should expect there to be more going on. I live in the flight path and we are going to have to put up with more and more flights with the new super terminal. Every time i complain I am told I should expect it if I live here, and if I dont like it I should move. Whats the difference and it wouldnt even be anything like the noise some of us already experience from the planes at all times of night and day. Cheadle is becoming more and more cut off daily.

    • janet mcleod says:

      Yes I agree. Cheadle is so isolated after a certain time and we dont have access to anything.

  2. Louise says:

    What hotel is mentioned in your report for a storage facility ?.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Louise – the hotel is Oddfellows in the Park.

      • Louise says:

        Where is the staff car park for the hotel ? Do they mean the area that they are meant to be grassing over and have yet not done so ?

        • Iain Roberts says:

          Hi Louise,

          The staff car park is for Bruntwood park staff, not hotel staff. It’s in the depot area. There’s space there for the storage container and the hotel will pay the council rental to have it there.

          It’s not connected to the former car park which is in the process of being grassed over.

  3. Arthur says:

    Where are these giant poppies going to be sited, will it be in each village or just Cheadle please.

  4. Carole says:

    Regarding parking for the hotel. As expected guests are now parking in the car parks meant for park visitors. I have been quite a few times in this lovely weather with my grandchildren and have found it hard to park. I met people going to a wedding at the hotel and they told me there was nowhere to park at the hotel. What a shambles that the hotel was made to dig up the illegal car park. Surely sense could have prevailed and some sort of arrangement agreed on. Parking would be
    more valuable than that small bit of land being grassed over.

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