How much traffic is on our roads – we have the figures

by Iain Roberts on 13 June, 2018

Thanks to the Centre for Cities, we have some interesting data on how many cars and buses are on different roads. We don’t know the numbers for every road, but where the figures are measured, we have them.

So, for example, we know that nearly 60,000 cars a day travel into Manchester along the A34 just north of the Gatley lights, and that half those cars go onto the M60 with the other half carrying on the A34 towards Manchester.

You can view the maps and see the figures here.


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  1. Alan says:

    Well there won’t be many buses shown… and now disgustingly we only have a one hour service to Manchester, there’ll be more cars on the road. Welcome to the broken country of England brought to you by those masters of (in)competence, the Tories.

    • janet mcleod says:

      One hourly service to Manchester? When did that happen? I thought we had a half hourly service except for sundays

      • Alan says:

        Picked up the new timetable this week. 6 minutes past the hour all day

        • Bryan Neill says:

          the timetable on “” shows 1 train per hour today and tmw, 2 trains per hour on Wednesday, one train per hour on Thursday, 2 trains per hour on Friday and back to 1 train per hour over the weekend. Hard to understand the logic behind that!!

  2. John H says:

    Sun not shining today – Why not blame the Tories.

  3. Alan says:

    John credit or otherwise – where it’s due. Grayling is so wedded to the ideology of privatisation he’s costing the exchequer money and allowing profits from these foreign owned franchises – in this case Deutsche Bahn – to be routed back to Germany to subsidise their railways. Another reason our railways are the most expensive and inefficient in Europe. When the East Coast Mainline was last nationalised it returned more money to the treasury than any other (privatised) franchise.

  4. David Johnson says:

    The Tory policy (worship) of private commerce has resulted in very few companies contributing to UK tax income because of overseas ownership and even those owned in the UK still legally use overseas tax havens. The government should retrieve those lost taxes to spend on the NHS, Policing and other social necessities through immediate action – not words.

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