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What’s coming up at Cheadle Area Committee, 10th July

by Iain Roberts on 2 July, 2018

The next Cheadle Area Committee is on Tuesday 10th July 2018, 6pm, at Massie Street Church, Cheadle. As ever, all are welcome.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Manchester Airport talking about their Draft Noise Action Plan that we reported on a couple of weeks ago
  • Request for £1,000 from Cheadle & Gatley JFC towards the cost of equipment and venue hire for the year.
  • Request for £1,000 from Heald Green Ratepayers Assoc. towards a defibrillator for Heald Green Village Hall.
  • Request for £1,200 from Stockport Carnival towards the cost of running the carnival
  • Planning application 69536 for 2 semis and one detached house at Airstream House, 36 Brook Street, Cheadle, SK8 2BX.
  • Planning application 64618 Construction of a single storey dining room extension and glazed shelter on the front of The Cheshire Line pub/restaurant, Manchester Road, Cheadle.
  • Report back on planning appeals and enforcement
  • Progressing plans to make more money available for community groups from the Brookfield Shiers Family Trust.
  • Proposal on how we fund borough-wide applications for funding from community groups
  • Report on road safety around Oak Tree Primary.
  • Proposal for double yellow lines at the junction of Cheadle Road with Manston Drive and Oak Avenue in Cheadle Hulme
  • Proposal for yellow lines on Neal Avenue, Peakdale Avenue and Eastleigh Road in Heald Green
  • Proposal for double yellow lines at the junction of Palmer Avenue and Ashbourne Avenue in Cheadle Hulme
  • Request from Heald Green ward for an additional Mobile Speed Indication Device
  • Request to permit Bark in the Park to be held on Abney Hall Park on 30th September 2018.

You can read all the papers here.


6 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    Isnt a bit tricky giving public money to the Heald Green Ratepayers Association, with its role also including supporting that ward’s three councillors – inherently making it a “political” organisation?

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    I don’t think money would ever be given for any political purpose.

  3. John Hartley says:


    My point was that there’s an inherent blurring of the lines here. Means the Association could very well say (or, more likely, imply) “Hey, we do a great job running the Village Hall, including getting the council to pay for a defibrillator, so vote for us next election”. I used to live in Heald Green and recall how often the those lines were blurred there.

  4. DR C says:

    Still being profligate with the taxpayers hard earned money…
    No ‘do gooding’ groups should receive any such money – they should make the effort to make their case to the wider public with their ‘rattling cans’ if they cannot find any from their own pockets.
    It is no good saying that the sums requested are small – THEY ALL ADD UP.
    Stocky taxpayers have been the most ripped-off ever since the ‘dead parrot brigade’ took control in the early 90’s…
    From being the second lowest taxed of the ten GMC District Councils to being the highest.
    It is no wonder those who know the value of money are moving out in increasing numbers.

  5. John H says:

    I see a request for £1000 TOWARDS the cost of a defibrillator. The cost of these life saving units has fallen.

    Just one example look at “The Defib Shop” website.
    Based in Irlam they have 18 different units under £1000 stating at £695

    • DR C says:

      In an overpopulated country in an overpopulated world – why are people more obsessed than ever in saving life?
      Death is simply natures way of trying to keep the numbers in check – a battle which nature is unfortunately losing.
      Death comes to everyone – everyone needs to get used to that!

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