Pavement repairs on Gatley Road in Gatley from Monday

by Iain Roberts on 26 July, 2018

From the Council:


Footway Patching on Gatley Road, Gatley (Kingsway to Church Road)

Stockport Council is undertaking a programme of repairs across the borough as part of our ‘Investing in Stockport’ initiative. One of the key themes of the initiative is investing in Stockport’s economic growth and regeneration to create more opportunities for local residents.

Stockport Council has committed to invest £100m to improve roads and footpaths across the borough over a nine year delivery period. This funding will be used to carry out a range of repairs from patching to resurfacing in targeted areas which will provide a long term solution to the deterioration on the highway network.

As part of the programme, Stockport Council will be undertaking footway patching works on Gatley Road, between Kingsway and Church Road, in preparation for a preventative treatment at a later date.  These works will be carried out by Totally Local Company.  Work is scheduled to commence on Monday 30th July taking around 10 days to complete, weather permitting. The work will be carried out between 09:30 and 15:30 Monday to Friday, and 09:00 to 17:00 weekends, subject to the necessary permissions being obtained.

Whilst the works are ongoing, it will be necessary to restrict traffic movements along Gatley Road utilising two-way lights, with work close to the junction of the A34 being undertaken on a weekend using stop and go boards. These measures are in place to minimise disruption to residents and businesses and to allow safe working operations to take place.

Although some local disruption is inevitable this will be kept to a minimum by our staff on site. Access to properties and businesses in the working area will be maintained where possible, however, it may be restricted for certain periods as the work progresses. Properties directly affected by this work will receive a letter explaining the scope of the work and timescales involved in due course.


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  1. John says:

    Ian thank you for the notification and I do hope this is not in preparation of slurry which there have been a number of complaints about and only has a life span of 8 years so this will need doing again before the end of the nine year program

  2. Gillian Johnson says:

    Good that the roads and pavements are getting resurfaced BUT what about Firs Road. There are so many potholes. Will this road ever get resurfaced properly?? I look forward to your reply.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Gillian, yes. The roads are being done separately and there is a long list of roads to be repaired in Gatley. We’ve identified Firs Road as one of the worst and we’ve asked council officers to do it as soon as possible. We are hoping that they will be able to do it this year (2018/19) but we’ll have to wait and see.

  3. S says:

    What about Ernest street. Hall street and Cresent road in Cheadle all full of pot holes. There is a huge dip in ernest street which is getting worse. Has anyone loked at the state of these roads!! I think not….When are the pavements being looked at as my mum has fallen badly a few times with nothing from the council when have called them they don’t seem interested.
    However they will spend millions and millions in Stockport centre which looks no different..
    Look forward to your reply….

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi S – absolutely agree. The whole point behind the Lib Dem programme is to get all the bad roads repaired, and that definitely includes roads like Hall and Ernest. The £100m programme is a nine-year one, going across Stockport. This year the pavements are being done in Cheadle & Gatley. The roads will be done soon, and we’ll be making sure those roads are on the list.

      It would be great if everything could be done at once, but sadly that’s not possible.

  4. Janet Holmes says:

    Not seen any activity for some time on the pavements around Cheadle village centre. I have records of my complaint from 2017 which is yet to be repaired. All that happens is it is once again allocated a Ref. No. Too much waste of my time and officer time in simply creating records that are filed. Who prioritises the priorities at SMBC?
    Having seen the damaged bollard/pavement at High St/Massie Street prompted me to seek a FOI regarding the No Right Turn issue. Answer: No camera activity and no tickets issued over the past six months…..surprise, surprise ..

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Janet,

      We’ve seen repairs in Cheadle village centre, after we worked to get them. If you let us know where there’s still an issue, we’ll chase it up.

      Massie Street no-right turn can only be enforced by the Police. I believe they have done some enforcement, but I also understand how stretched they are.

  5. Roy says:

    Amazing Gatley gets priority over Cheadle once again

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Roy – there have been lots of pavements repaired in Cheadle already – not to mention that the eastern side of Cheadle was done last year.

      • Margaret cummins says:

        What do you call the Eastern end of CHeadle Ian. If it is Stockport Road Cheadle from Cheadle Consevative Club down to Councillor Lane, this has def. not been done tho it is in bad state as I’ve often complained about. And as usual, I don’t expect a reply, tho would appreciate one as would other residents down this “side of the tracks”

  6. S says:

    Janet I agree what about Mary Street too wen they park outside the cash machine in cars and won’t move they also park outside boots making it hard for residents to get home. .. where is the traffic warden!

    • Iain Roberts says:

      We’ve raised the issue of parking on Mary Street several times with the Council and, to be fair, they do send out a traffic warden and hand out tickets. Some people will still take the risk, though.

  7. Janet Holmes says:

    I note your reply, thank you. I understand very well that the police have responsibility for Massie St. No right turn, which is why I sought FOI from GMP. Have you more information which confirms Police activity?
    My other question was about who prioritises the priorities at SMBC…is there an officer with overall responsibility or does it rest with the Chief Officer?

  8. Louise Gonshaw says:

    St Anne’s Road is in desperate need of road repairs in and around the chicanes, and also some very bad pot holes.
    Please please do something about it from one who uses this road twice a day most days and whose car tyre has been damaged
    Many thanks in anticipation and look forward to an easier drive along this road..

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