Travellers move off Brookfield Park, but more to do

by Iain Roberts on 28 July, 2018

Jane at the Council tells us that she’s checked Brookfield Park. The travellers have gone, and she says they have left it waste and litter free.

The height barrier at the entrance to the park is now locked and secure.

We will now be looking at how we can improve security on Brookfield Park for the future.


2 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Can I suggest a sign which says something to the effect of” Anyone illegally breaking and entering this area will have all
    Their vehicles impounded subject to a release fee of £1000 per vehicle “?

  2. Robert lomas says:

    As a resident of Brookfield I would like to try and forge some kind of meeting to discuss the next step in making the park more secure. I would also like to involve the Cheadle Civic Society and the residents of Brookfield to discuss and come to a cost effective permanent solution to this ongoing issue. I look forward to your swift reply.

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