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Bus changes coming to TfGM

by Iain Roberts on 2 October, 2018

Two cuts to bus services that affect Cheadle and Gatley will be coming to the TfGM committee on Friday. Councillors have only now been informed of these proposals and, as can be seen from the meeting papers, TfGM are not proposing to do anything.

Unfortunately, this is all too common and while the Lib Dem team continue to campaign for more bus services, we see buses being withdrawn far more often.


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  1. Why can you not get a bus from parrs wood to Cheadle after 7-25 pm. Which effectifly cuts cheadle off from going to get the tram to Manchester in the evening or to the movies. Unless you go by car then you have to park some where. Are we not trying to cut the use of cars down. Untill we have a reliable bus service its back to the car for me too far and too dark at night to walk to parrs wood from Cheadle.

  2. Robert Cohen says:

    And Andy Burnham says…….

  3. Alf says:

    So you’d now have to purchase a System1 ticket at an additional £1 so that you can use a reduced bus service.

    Which alternative universe do we live in in TfGM world. They are so supine it’s unbelievable, they have never stood up to the bus companies just mumbled weasel words.

    Elsewhere there are frequent and regular buses that run to time with information both on and off-board. These are not big places they’re like Warrington, Hove and Edinburgh.

    I assume Andy Burnham must travel by car.

  4. janet mcleod says:

    Thats absolutely disgusting cutting one of the only buses that go to Manchester. Unless you have a car, and not everyone is able to drive for various reasons due to conditions they may have such as epilepsy or poor hearing or eyesight amongst other things, you are trapped in Cheadle after a certain time. It was bad enough before they decided to make this change. I havent heard anything of whether the train station they were going to build is going ahead. I have asked about that on here almost every week and had no response whatsoever. Only option is for me to move from Cheadle as it is fast becoming no mans land.

  5. Alan says:

    Andy Burnham isn’t the problem it’s (gasp!) the Tories! None of this would happen if bus services were regulated, but as that is plainly either beyond their wit or more likely another example of their rampant ideology, we’re stuck with it- or you can viote Labour at the next election…

    • Iain Roberts says:

      To be fair, the Labour government of which Andy Burnham was a member stuck with bus deregulation, while the Coalition – and now the Tories – put through a bill allowing for bus re-regulation. Burnham has the power to do it, but it’s proving more difficult that he thought.

  6. Pauline Bishop says:

    Although Gatley has a train station, trains are not reliable. We do not have any bus service to Manchester, so it rules out visiting Manchester in the evening.

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