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Cheadle Police update 22 Sep – 5 Oct 2018

by Iain Roberts on 5 October, 2018

This update covers 22/09/18 – 05/10/18. ( Last 2 weeks )

In Cheadle we have had 11 residential burglaries. (5) Heald Green, (3) Cheadle Hulme, (1) Gatley and (2) in Cheadle. Fortunately, many of these Burglaries were disturbed by residents inside the addresses. Offenders were often disturbed while in the process of trying to gain entry to rear/patio doors through various means and as a result in most of these cases, no property was stolen.

Offenders are targeting cars at the moment there have been a total of 10 theft from motor vehicle crimes and 5 theft of motor vehicle crimes. Please remain vigilant, keep all car keys and spare car keys out of sight and away from the front door. This reduces the risk of opportunists trying to gain entry to your house and taking car keys followed by the vehicle. Take all valuables out your car and again out of sight. I advise a steering lock for all vehicles but especially the STOP/START engine vehicles as offenders are using an electronic device to open the car and by pass the central locking.

Recently we created a spreadsheet to establish just how many of these residential burglaries, in Cheadle could be prevented if we secured the property safely. This shown that just under half of the residential burglaries being at 49% could in fact be prevented if doors and windows were locked accordingly day and night. If you follow this link on our GMP page you can read our Burglary information pack as well as any crime prevention tips.

Despite the Above burglary crime, there has been some good news stories. Myself, PC Rob Hetherington and PCSO David Taylor participated in operation Eagle Eye with Stockport Council road safety last week, at Bolshaw Primary School. This operation is ensure the safety of the children getting to and from school and deterring those inconsiderate drivers! Along with this we visited Outwood Primary School for superheroes day with the year 1’s & 2’s, this what a talk with the children about what we do in the community to help keep them safe. Here’s a few photos from the events for you to view.


Cheadle Neighbourhood Policing Team
Cheadle Heath Police Station
Spectrum Way


3 Responses

  1. Jean walker says:

    You say secure property but the majority of thefts the burglars at smashing there way in through patio doors. When my husband saw 3 men at my care they certainly did not run off they ran at him with knives. I think it’s the same gang and want to know why they have not been arrested to date.

  2. s d h says:

    Road Safety is very important admittedly
    Superheroes would be better dealing with the burglary crime
    Now that would be good news
    I recently contacted Police at 6am in the morning to report a matter having seen what I thought was a burglar get out of a car all dressed up in black and walk up my driveway and then disappear round the corner and return with property he put in the car
    I went outside and he ran off
    He left the car which had the property in it
    I waited in the rain for 2 hours thinking this car is stolen
    The police attended and another Officer was sent to the address to where the car was registered
    No reply its just ” SUS CIRCS” I was told
    Not happy with this I made my own enquiries
    Curtains shut, loads of post, neighbour said alarm was ringing about 5.45am
    There had been a burglary and the car I was guarding had been stolen from the address

  3. Jane says:

    We have security lighting, we have an alarm, all doors and windows locked, & camera’s too but if they want to come in they just come in! They are scarily brazen now. In our case they simply smashed through a backdoor and ransacked our house while the alarm was going off!

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