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Could you be a Cheadle Medical Practice Community Champion?

by Iain Roberts on 11 October, 2018

Cheadle Medical Practice is looking for community champions.

• Champions are people of all ages and backgrounds who voluntarily give their time to work with their GP practice to support people within the local community.
• Champions help the practice to meet the non-clinical needs of patients, for example, organising or finding social, creative and other enjoyable activities to help people who may be feeling isolated, lonely or learning to live with a long term condition.
• They complement the work of GP practice staff.

Who can become a Community Champion?

Community champions are patients who volunteer with their GP practice to support local people to improve health and wellbeing. We are looking for people who:

• Want to develop and/or share their own passion, skills, knowledge or life experience to benefit others
• Are happy to talk, listen and work together with different people and community groups
• Show equal respect to all kinds of people
• Are able to understand the boundaries of the role and respect confidentiality
• Are able, or willing to learn, to connect with others through mobile apps or email
• Are not currently holding

The two PDF documents below give more information, and allow you to submit your interest in the position.

PCC information for public

Practice Community Champion EOI form Oct18


4 Responses

  1. John H says:

    An interesting concept

    Free labour or community service?

  2. Estelle Weiner says:

    Is this just Cheadle Medical Practice doing this type of outreach work?

  3. Adrienne Conway says:

    Agree with John’s comment.
    Don’t know if this has been advertised before but I’m surprised at the short notice for the training days!

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