What’s coming up at Cheadle Area Committee

by Iain Roberts on 30 October, 2018

The next Cheadle Area Committee meeting is at 6pm on Tuesday 6 November 2018 at Trinity Church, Massie Street, Cheadle. All are welcome to attend.

Full agenda and reports here.

What’s coming up on the 6th:

  • Application from East Cheshire Musical Theatre Company for £1000 funding to help stage a musical
  • Application from Pure Innovations for £1000 towards The Kitchen – a project to create a community based space for people to “eat, drink and meet”.
  • Planning application DC/069999 to redevelop the former Queens Arms pub on Stockport Road, Cheadle into a 68 bed care home.
  • Planning application DC/069309 to change the use of 25 St Ann’s Road North, Heald Green to a residential care home for up to 4 children.
  • Planning application DC/070873 for side, rear and first floor extentions to 183 Styal Road, Heald Green.
  • Review of polling stations and polling districts
  • Brookfield Park Shiers Family Trust – to report on the money in the trust (which local councillors oversee for the benefit of the community).
  • Proposal to fill in potholes on Birch Road (an unadopted road heavily used for school parking in Gatley) at a cost of £850.
  • Proposal to install 4 additional bollards on York Close at the junction with Councillor Lane.
  • Report on a road safety consultation around Meadowbank Primary and proposals for additional yellow lines, bollards and signs.
  • Proposal for build-out paving at the exit from Gatley Green onto Church Road to help stop cars driving the wrong way along Gatley Green.
  • A proposal for double yellow lines at the junction of Manston Drive and Cheadle road is coming back to Area Committee after an objection to the plan from residents of Regency Court.
  • A proposal for double yellow lines at the junction of Ashbourne Avenue and Palmer Avenue coming back to Area Committee after an objection that it will remove an on-street parking space.

11 Responses

  1. John H says:

    Planning application DC/069999
    How many carpark spaces are proposed?

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    27 car park spaces including 7 accessible.

    • John H says:

      A very good use of a unwanted pub site.
      It appears that locals have no problem with the lack of parking facilities and are quite happy with local streets being swamped. One less possible objection that the developers need to worry about.

  3. Julie b says:

    Why has no proposed elevation been produced for the aspect of the residents of Cuthbert Road? Where is the 3D model of the proposed nursing home? only 2D plans have been seen to date. Surely these should be scrutinised by residents BEFORE any planning application ? A great need here to be more transparent.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Julie,

      They’ve done a South West elevation to the car park, which would also be to Cuthbert Road.

      What sort of 3D plans are you looking for? The plans supplied are what I’d expect to see with any planning application, but there’s information residents need that’s missing then we can raise that.

  4. MOIRA says:

    How can you consider/justify spending money on pot holes on a unadopted road when council responsible areas are neglected.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Moira, simply because the road is heavily used by the public – mostly for school parking. We aren’t suggesting that the unadopted road should be brought up to the standard of council roads, but we think it’s right to spend a small amount of money making it safe.

      • John A says:

        Why are pothole for cars being considered in Gatley and the council refuse point blank to do verge repair on ashfield road Cheadle which are a hazard to car users parking in land crabbed council parking bays and outside vulnerability person wheel chair user housing and used by Cheadle school children.Both being unadopted. Ashfield Road from below the library to passed the entrance to Cheddle Lodge.

  5. Jean Skitt says:

    Still no proposal in answer to requests for extra bollard at junction of pavement of Pendlebury rd and Brookside rd to stop cars driving along pavement….. Also no action yet on requests for ” vehicular access” or similar wording to highlight Carrs passage joining pavement on Pendlebury rd.

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