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Important information for anyone who is homeless in Stockport

by Iain Roberts on 29 November, 2018

Stockport Council has long had a very committed team working with homeless people. Here is the latest information – please use it if you are homeless and pass it on if you know anyone else who is.Credit where it’s due: thank you to Cllr Sheila Bailey for circulated this leaflet to councillors.


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  1. janet mcleod says:

    What sort of help will be provided for the homeless if they do contact Stockport Homes? It just say they will provide advice assistance. Does this come in the form of actual shelter for the homeless?

  2. Alan Barnes says:

    There are a couple of homeless guys down the road Dave and Shaun and we regularly give them money and blankets etc. I phoned this line just now so I could check it out for myself and hurriedly pass on the good news.

    I was on hold for over twenty minutes with some terrible music and a pre-recorded message saying ‘you can find everything you need online’. In the end I gave up.

    I was racking my brains but couldnt really ever remember seeing Dave or Shaun with a laptop or an iPhone.
    They’d have to use a payphone and any meagre change they would have gathered would be eaten up within the first 5 minutes. Imagine using up all the money you have in the world being on hold to Stockport Council and not even speaking to anyone.

    We have a huge problem with homelessness and resources in the country but ironically it’s you guys who are all for EU mass freedom of movement.

    Here’s an idea. Why don’t we concentrate on our own problems before we let millions of economic migrants into the country? Don’t tell me it balances out. I don’t see Dave or Shaun flocking to Romania any time soon. Or any doctors, nurses or baristas.
    Then here’s another great idea. Why don’t the council use the money they spend on ugly, pointless cinemas in Stockport – 30 million I understand – and use it to actually help local people.

    I’m not going to tell Shaun and Dave about this number, they’d think I was a sadist.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Alan – thanks for your comments. It’s concerning if the phone line isn’t being answered promptly – I’ll make enquiries. Thankfully we have worked hard in Stockport to keep our libraries open, and one reason for that is the importance of libraries as a community resource for everyone to get access to computers, the internet or the council.

      I do think you are mistaken about EU migration. Migrants come to this country to work and they pay more taxes than they take out. Thanks to migrants we not only have a stronger economy but also more money to help people like Dave or Shaun. We also have more doctors, nurses, care workers etc. So I’m not going to tell you it balances out, but I am going to point out the simple fact that fewer migrants means less money for all of us.

  3. Stewart says:

    So that’s settled then, why don’t these homeless fellows come and live at your house then Mr. Roberts? Do we even have to question it? Given your endlessly benevolent, humbling attitude towards freedom of movement, I’m sure you just leave your door wide open for anyone who needs it.
    Obviously they’ll eventually get jobs in Costa or Morrisons or potato picking, and chip in a few quid a week towards energy bills and carpet wear but it sounds like you’ll be fine with that. Then maybe their friends could join them..?

    I’m being silly of course but it’s an important point.
    The U.K. population has increased by nearly 10 million since 2000. It currently stands at 65 million and is projected to rise to 70 million in 2025. This is from the ONS.
    How do you think our infrastructure and our services will cope with that? Particularly when as a council you’re blowing millions on cinemas and shopping centres in Stockport that look like they’ve been designed with crayons by 3 year olds.

    We are not racists or xenophobes. We adore Europe. We travel to Europe frequently. We love the cultures, we love the people but we are struggling with the remote, incumbent political oligarchy who have hijacked it and the far reaching decisions they make on our behalf.

    Numerous studies have shown – including by the ONS – the amount economic migrants (we’re not talking about genuine asylum seekers or refugees) pay into the system pales into insignificance compared to the pressure they add to the economic system, schools, hospitals, roads and the country’s general infrastructure. It already takes around 5 weeks to get a doctors appointment in Cheadle, the traffic in Gatley and Cheadle is atrocious and getting worse and we have people sleeping on the streets every night. Yet you still want unquestioned, unrestricted, unlimited freedom of movement to the U.K.? Help me out here..

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Stewart,

      I’d be very interested to see the studies you mention – the evidence I’ve seen paints a very different picture, where economic migrants are a benefit to our country and not only provide more money to fund our services but more people to staff them.

      You have also invented some claims about my views. You say “you still want unquestioned, unrestricted, unlimited freedom of movement to the U.K”. No, I don’t. I have never said that or even anything remotely like it. I will respect your views, but I must ask you to respect mine as well.

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