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New Residents Parking schemes on hold as new policy developed

by Iain Roberts on 18 December, 2018

The Council has announced a freeze on applications for new Residents Parking schemes for the next few months, and the development of a new scheme for residents parking.

There will no doubt be a consultation on the new proposals in 2019.

Here’s what we’ve been told by the Council:

We are aware that there are a number of concerns regarding residents parking schemes and the various pressures around parking. Stockport Council adopted its most recent general parking policy in 2013 which included resident’s parking schemes and various other general parking policies.

Since then there has been substantial changes in a number of associated areas and policies including increasing use of electric vehicles, air quality concerns and increasing car ownership which are staring to impact on delivery of the various policy objectives.

Cllr Bailey [the responsible Cabinet Member] has requested that we undertake a review of our existing parking policies which would also support the local plan development. It is proposed that this review commences in January 2019 and will include a review of the overall framework and also of potential options for the future delivery of residential parking schemes.

Whilst this review is taking place it is proposed that no further resident parking schemes are progressed except for a couple of schemes which will be developed as pilots incorporating potential new approaches to managing the competing needs for parking within an area. One of these schemes will be around Stepping Hill hospital.


3 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    It’s certainly an issue which stands a review.

    A year or so back, there was a petition for a residents scheme near me. I did not support it and it failed to get sufficient support from neighbours to be implemented. I understand why such schemes have an a appeal but, really, all it does is push the parking somewhere else. It resolves nothing, unless one is taking a NIMBY stance.

  2. Les Leckie says:

    Flexibility should be part of the policy. Resident parking 24 hours a day isn’t always required. For example, the parking spaces on Chapel Street in Cheadle village lie vacant for most of the working day. Our local businesses could benefit at least some of them being available for short term parking at these times.

  3. Jennifer says:

    I heartily agree with Les. I have just been to Cheadle and I remarked to my husband exactly that comment.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all

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