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Weekly police report 11 January 2019

by Iain Roberts on 11 January, 2019

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From Inspector Rob Hawksley:

I was Divisional Cover on the night shift on New Year’s Eve. It was a crazy busy night but I’m pleased to say that all the action was towards Stockport centre and it was pretty peaceful in Cheadle & Bramhall.

Here is the summary of events, crimes and incidents in the Cheadle & Bramhall area for the period 1st January 2019 – 11th January 2019.

The priority issue has been the large group of youths causing problems in the Heald Green area. This group of between 6-10 young lads have been responsible for a wave of anti-social behaviour. They have damaged a couple of taxis, a jogger was pushed over by them, and a parent who challenged them was assaulted. They have also been responsible for three robberies in and around Bruntwood Park on New Year’s Day. Last Saturday afternoon and evening was particularly bad with 9 incidents reported to us. Sgt Veitch and team were out in the area all last Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening looking for them. We have not had any further incidents reported this week. Cheshire Police have had problems with this group in the Handforth area. We have do not believe they are local kids and have been working with officers at Wythenshawe Police Station who have identified a group in their area who may match the descriptions given. Our PCSO’s have been out looking for any cctv footage that may have captured them, and linking in with Cheshire Police to see what footage they have.

Warrant – Heald Green. There was media coverage of a warrant conducted at an address on St Anne’s Road North, Heald Green on Monday 7th January. The warrant was conducted by Lancashire Police in relation to offences in the Lancashire area. There was quite a police presence at the address as a thorough search was required. A 39 year old male was arrested. He was transferred to Preston for interview. There were no offences linked to the local area that I am aware of.


We have seen the re-emergence of burglaries where thieves are targeting high-value vehicles. There was a spate over the summer right across South Manchester and south Stockport. GMP ran a Force operation (Operation Amberley) which was intelligence led and used officers from the Tactical Vehicle Crime Intercept Unit (TVCIU). These are the officers who have the high-powered patrol cars. This operation led to 32 arrests and disrupted the crime pattern. The TVCIU team have been deployed back to the South Manchester area.

Since the 1st January we have had 14 burglaries recorded.

Three of these (Hawker Road, Woodford; Councillor Lane, Cheadle; Lansdown Close, Cheadle Hulme) have seen vehicles taken. We have had a couple more where entry has been gained to the property and the offenders are clearly searching for car keys but have failed to find them and left without taking other items.
In three cases the offenders failed to gain access to the properties due to alarms sounding, or the door and window locks withstood their attempts to break them. In one case entry was gained through an open door. In the others the main point of entry has been via the rear patio doors.

Last night the Sue Ryder Charity Shop on Church Road, Gatley was broken into. The offender was caught nearby and is currently in custody awaiting interview.

Theft of Motor vehicle

We have had 4 vehicles stolen, other than those stolen by means of burglary. One of these was a Sprinter van, one was a motorcycle which was later recovered, and one a VW Beetle. The last was stolen by a friend of the victim and later returned.
Theft From Motor Vehicle

We have had 12 thefts from motor vehicles. In 3 cases the VRN plates were stolen. In two cases delivery vans were targeted while the drivers were carrying parcels to addresses. In one case thieves entered a locked storage yard, drilled a hole in a van fuel tank and syphoned the fuel out. Generally the other 6 crimes involved thieves breaking car windows to grab items left on display.


There have been 6 assaults reported. 4 of these were recorded on New Year’s Eve. In all cases the victim and offender knew each other.

Priorities for the week ahead. We are concentrating on:
· Patrols to Bramhall area to address burglary problem
· Patrolling Heald Green and linking in with Cheshire Police and Wythenshawe officers to identify group of males.

Kind regards

Rob Hawksley

Rob Hawksley
Neighbourhood Inspector Cheadle, Gatley & Bramhall
Cheadle Heath Police Station


8 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    Seems a sad reflection on society that someone thinks a charity shop is worth breaking in to.

    If someone wants an old coat or some paperbacks, I’ll gladly sort her/him out with them.

  2. Jack Thomas says:

    Thanks for your update I always find them very informative and interesting. However, is it a good idea to finish your notification with a posting about your “priorities for the week ahead”.
    Just a thought

  3. Tony Carp says:

    Thanks for the update, however it is concerning that SK8 featured in the top 10 most burgled areas today.

  4. David Johnson says:

    I completely understand that the Police Force is struggling with inadequate resources and Government priority should be in restoring the Force powers to cope with the increase in lawlessness. Only then can we rest in peace and enjoy the Society freely. But no – they are proposing to soften the punishments for existing criminals – to save money! That will put even more of a burden on victims of crime and reduce our confidence in living here.

  5. John H says:

    Protection of life and property should be the highest priority of the police, backed up by the courts applying punishment that will deter lawbreaking.
    Get our hard working police back on the streets protecting society and investigating crimes against people and property and lower the priorities of investigations into texts and emails that have offended the “snowflakes”

  6. Carole says:

    A friend confronted and chased off 5 youths on Arlington Rd. Saturday night the 5th Jan. called the police with no response and another friend chased off 3 youths around Daylesford last night. Both in Cheadle. I know police have it tough but it is very scary for us residents, especially arriving home alone after dark.

    • Shabs says:

      Hi Carole,

      It may be worth setting up a Daylesford Whatsapp group… my brother has set up a group on his street and together they have managed to catch 2 people red handed…

      My in laws are at 45 and they would be more than happy to get involved….

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