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Cheadle Police report 19-25 Jan 2019

by Iain Roberts on 25 January, 2019

From our Cheadle and Bramhall police:

Good evening

I’m sending the update out a day early as I am on late shifts this week and will be off tomorrow. It’s going to be pretty up to date as I will still be here in the early hours of Friday morning.

We have had a disappointing series of burglaries across the Neighbourhood. There have been 13 since last Friday. The hotspot has been Cheadle where 5 were reported on Wednesday 23rd January, 2 on Monday 21st January and 1 on Sunday 19th January. A team looking to steal vehicles clearly targeted the area. Vehicle keys and the vehicles were stolen from 4 of the burglaries. In the others the offenders gained entry but left without taking anything, or took the vehicle keys only. We will continue to have the Tactical Vehicle Crime Unit in the area. I would ask that if you have contact with local community groups that you push the crime prevention messages around not leaving vehicle keys near the front door, especially not leaving them in view from the letterbox, and making sure that doors and windows are closed.

The team of PCSO’s have been continuing with their police surgeries in various locations around the Neighbourhood. They have also been working with Kingsway School and Cheadle High School, promoting joint working. We also had the Cheadle Ward meeting on Wednesday, to discuss and problem solve local issues.

Kind regards

Rob Hawksley


There have been 13 burglaries reported between Saturday 18th January and today.

Seven burglaries were reported overnight on Tuesday into Wednesday. Cheadle was the focus with 2 burglaries on Brooklyn Crescent, one on Whitegate Road, and one of Richmond Hill Road. As mentioned above the thieves have been looking to steal vehicles. In a couple of cases they failed to gain entry, or having gained entry did not take anything. The other breaks in the week period in Cheadle were on Wilmslow Road, Cross Road and Norbeck Avenue.

The other burglaries reported have been in Cheadle Hulme (Heathbank Road and Hulme Hall Road), Heald Green (Gleneagles Road and The Oval), and Woodford (Jenny Lane)

As mentioned above in two cases the thieves failed to gain entry, and in another the owners dog scared the thieves away. Disappointingly two of the burglaries saw the ‘hook and cane’ technique, where the thieves used a pole or similar to reach in through the letter box and lift the visible keys.

The vehicles targeted are once again mainly German makes, VW, BMW and Mercedes.


We have had 1 robbery reported this week. It was on Tenement Lane in Bramhall at 17:25 hours where a man was approached by three youths who demanded his property.

Theft of Motor Vehicle

A car was stolen from the driveway of a house on Brisbane Close, Bramhall overnight on Wednesday. Another vehicle was taken from outside a house on Oak Grove, Cheadle on Sunday night but abandoned nearby.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The only reports of anti-social behaviour have been linked to youths entering abandoned Hulme Hall School in Cheadle Hulme. We were called there twice after a local resident reported people inside. I understand that the land has been bought by Seddon Homes.

Rob Hawksley
Neighbourhood Inspector Cheadle, Gatley & Bramhall
Cheadle Heath Police Station


4 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    Or, be like me – put your car in the garage…

  2. Trevor Gaunt says:

    The link “Roadworks on Stockport Road 11-13th February” also brings me to this page, as does “Police Report”.
    Please can you resend your email Cllr Roberts with the correct link?

  3. Milton Crescent resident says:

    This should improve the Cheadle burglary league table stats… Cheadle could have a No 1 Christmas spot if we keep this up!!!

    Think we were 8th in the UK

    I’m gonna say the J Division and the Cheadle area is considered reasonably quiet to ‘Police’… I’m gonna also say the majority of times the residents of Cheadle and Gatley ring the Police is to report acquisitive crime… the current style and focus GMP Policing is serious failing those residents.

    Previous Divisinal Burglary Units flush with staff/Police achieved results. The current Policing climate puts burglary investigation low down the list of priorities.

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