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Report back from Cheadle Area Committee, 29 Jan 2019

by Iain Roberts on 29 January, 2019

The latest Cheadle Area Committee was held at 6pm on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at Trinity Church, Massie Street, Cheadle.

Here’s what was decided:

  • Plans to restructure the Council’s public realm service
  • The application from Heald Green Ratepayers for £9,000 towards the £11,540 cost of a community-owned and operated CCTV system for the main Heald Green retail area on Finney Lane was withdrawn.
  • Application from Gatley Village Partnership for £400 towards the costs of publicity and school caretaker for Gatley Sports Day – which will be held at Kingsway School this year – was approved.
  • Application from Cheadle Get Connected for £200 towards promotional costs for Dementia Friends sessions was postponed.
  • Application from Grove Lane Baptist Church, Cheadle Hulme for £1000 towards the £7000 of replacing the kitchen  cupboards, drawers and sink was approved.
  • Planning application DC/071904 – first floor rear extension and construction of front portico at 175 Stanley Road, Heald Green. It came to committee because the house is in the green belt. We recommended the application for approval.
  • The committee received a report on the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework consultation plans
  • Report on the plans for the former Orrishmere Primary School site  – there are still no firm plans after several years.
  • We received a progress report on the works at Abney Hall Park and Roscoe’s Roundabout. It underlined the replacement of every tree being cut down with two new trees: oaks and alders 4-6m tall along the main path.
  • Proposal for 20mph speed limit on easterly part of Ladybridge Park Estate, Cheadle Hulme was approved.
  • Double yellow lines at junction of Broadway and Cherington Road – Cheadle: following an objection, we approved a revised scheme of single yellow lines that just apply at the start and end of school.
  • Proposal for double yellow lines on Wensley Road/Gatley Road in Cheadle approved.
  • Proposal for double yellow lines on Hall Street, Cheadle opposite Church Court approved.
  • Request for approval for additional funding to cover the cost of Christmas lights in Cheadle & Gatley approved.
  • Application for BMX event at Bruntwood Park on 14 July 2019 approved.

You can see the full reports and webcast here.


7 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    Iain why have you not mentioned the pavements on and around Cheadle High Street, the state of the pavements was mentioned at the meeting, ignoring this issue will not make it go is now nearly 2 years since I meet with you on the High Street which we walked together to identify the defective pavings (poorly laid) since then numourous people have complained about the state of the pavements and nothing has been done, the original contractor George Cox is still the Councils preferred contractor despite never returning to rectifie the poorly laid pavements. I think you try to get things done but the fact that nothing has been done indicates that you as our elected representative have no power or influence. If the Council ignores you we the rate payers need to know.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Roy – we have talked about the Cheadle High Street pavements numerous times and will continue to do so. I didn’t put it in the report because I wanted to write a more detailed article about it, which I’ll hopefully have time to do this week.

  2. John Allwork says:

    Can you explain the decision to approve the double yellow lines on Hall Street, Cheadle opposite Church Court, considering that only one person (out of 6 in Church Court) thought it was a problem, yet there were three objections.

    • John Allwork says:

      The web cast is silent from 1:16:08 to 1:16:47 the sound is off, so we can’t hear any discussions.
      At one point you say ‘Noting the objections’, but at 1:17:22 you say there are no objections to it. There were at least three objections.

      • Iain Roberts says:

        Hi John,

        Sorry if the audio wasn’t clear. I can assure you that we did acknowledge the three objections and we did consider the issue properly.

        When I spoke, I went through the reasons given by the objections to make sure we considered them.

        In the end, we made the decision because we felt it was right. There are many occasions when we do something which one person has asked for because we think it’s the right thing to do.

  3. Audrey Reed says:

    I have complained about the state of the pavement on Brooklyn Road. There are weeds growing next to the house the whole length of the road. No name for Brooklyn Mews has been fixed to the wall leading into this road.I was also told that when the builders finished the flats they were prepared to re tarmac the whole road. The Council turned this down saying it would tempt folk to park there illegally. Utter rubbish. We,the residents have complained bitterly to the Parking meter headquarters for there to be more patrolling by them on this road.we get abuse from the customers who park going to Chickadees. What we all want is the hours they are opened to be reduced to 10.00 pm or at the latest 10.30 pm.
    You will have money left over from this years Council Tax payments. Put it to good use. I have lived in this house since it was built, I can assure I would no more think of buying a residence on this road now. Cheadle is not a village anymore, just full of takeaways and Charity shops.
    None of you live in Cheadle so don’t realise what we have to put with. Keith responds to my phone calls but doesn’t always manage to get things done. No fault of his
    You can pass this message on to Mary Whitehouse our local MP who is never seen around.
    Thank you.

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