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Police report 25 Jan – 1 Feb 2019

by Iain Roberts on 4 February, 2019

From the Police:

An update on incidents and work in the Cheadle & Bramhall ward for the period Friday 25th January to Friday 1st February 2019

Burglary is still the main problem and is the priority of the teams patrol plans. Our work supporting Kingsway School is on-going as is the work with Bramhall High School. The PCSO’s are also involved with Hate Crime Awareness week.

Kind regards

Rob Hawksley


There have been 15 burglaries reported between Friday 25th January and Friday 1st January.

Once again the focus has been on stealing German make vehicles. There have been 4 burglaries where cars were taken. These were from Pennington Gardens, Cheadle, Brookhead Drive, Cheadle overnight on the 1st February, and Gatley Road, Cheadle and Bridle Road, Woodford on the 30th January and 29th January. The vehicle from Pennington Gardens was recovered shortly afterwards using the tracker software.

There were 5 burglaries where the offenders forced open a door or window and set the house alarm off. They then left without gaining entry. Again, when you look at the make of the vehicles that were parked on the drive it is possible that these were what thieves were after.

In 3 of the breaks the offenders gained entry via the conservatory.

In terms of locations 4 burglaries were recorded in the L2 Cheadle Hulme beat, 3 burglaries in the M2 Cheadle east beat, 2 in the M3 Cheadle west beat, and 1 each in the L1 Heald Green, M1 Gatley, M4 Cheadle Hulme and L3 Woodford beat.

The PCSO team are on late shifts this week and have been tasked with patrolling the locations. I have also asked for the Force vehicle crime unit again. The team stopped a car in the north Manchester area on Friday night, which turned out to be a stolen vehicle from a burglary in Woodford in early January. The two offenders are currently awaiting interview.


We have had 4 robberies reported this week. While none of them make good reading the stand out one was last Monday on Tenement Lane, Bramhall at 5:30pm. The victim was attacked from behind by 2 male offenders who hit her round the head with what is believed to be a brick, ripped her handbag off, emptied it and stole her purse. This follows the robbery the previous week in the same place where the victim was attacked by 3 male offenders.

There was another robbery on Bruntwood Lane on the 26th January 1t 16:20 hours. A group of 14 year olds were approached by a group of 5 lads and girls who were slightly older. The group grabbed one of the group and demanded his mobile phone. This same group of offenders were probably responsible for the robbery the previous day when 2 14 year olds had their phones taken.

Enquiries are on-going around all of these crimes I have asked for patrols to focus on these locations.

Theft of Motor Vehicle

A vehicle was stolen from the drive of a property on Queensway, Heald Green. The vehicle was stopped a few hours later in the Merseyside area and the occupants arrested. Enquiries are on-going with regard to these two.

Anti-Social Behaviour

The snow and the fact that most schools were shut as a result led to a lot of calls regarding groups of kids throwing snowballs. We have also had a further couple of calls regarding anti-social behaviour on Hulme Hall Road. The snow has melted and the schools are back so that should be a short-lived problem. The team are aware of Hulme Hall Road.

Rob Hawksley
Neighbourhood Inspector Cheadle, Gatley & Bramhall

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