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Barnes Village – a bus stop, but no bus

by Lib Dem Team on 5 March, 2019

Cllr Graham Greenhalgh writes:

The Barnes Village development is approaching completion. Many homes are now occupied.

A brand new bus stop has been erected on Kingsway outside Barnes Village but as yet there are no bus services stopping there.

We have written the Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) asking them to clarify their plans for this bus stop and let us have a start date.

After all, who would plan a bus stop but forget to plan a bus service?



3 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    It’s currently being used by the police as a mobile speed detector to catch anyone doing over 40mph.

  2. Ts says:

    more fool the people who thought it was a good idea to live inbetween the confluence of a motorway and major roads exiting and leaving ithat area, the pollution levels must be astonishing, how the developement was ever approved is a mystery, it would have been better to turn it into a wooded area to absorb the pollution from all the traffic fumes. As for being convenient for any local shops and services well you might aswell just live on an island .

  3. well said quiet agree if are daft enough to live there in between all them traffic conjested roads. And bring up children you have to be barmy. I remember when we used to play football on there some times i could taste the fumes just by running my tonque along my moustache

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