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More pavements to be resurfaced in Lib Dem £100m repair scheme

by Iain Roberts on 11 March, 2019

The Lib Dem £100m scheme to repair bad roads and pavements across Stockport continues to roll on. This week we’ve been notified of pavements being resurfaced on the Lakes Estate and other locations across Gatley and Cheadle, with the work starting in April:

Stockport Council will be carrying out footway resurfacing works in bitmac within Cheadle & Gatley ward; these works will be carried out by Totally Local Company.

This set of works is anticipated to commence from the 1st April 2019, as the below list, weather permitting, the work will be carried out between 7.30AM to 4.30PM.

The Roads are;

Arnside Close, Buttermere Road, Chadvil Road, Clifton Drive, Cranston Grove, Crescent Road, Crummock Road, Grasmere Road, Hall Street, Ingleton Close, Marrick Ave, Troutbeck Road, Turnfield Road.

During the times stated above it may be necessary to restrict traffic movements. These measures are in place to minimise disruption to residents and businesses and to allow safe working operations to take place.

Access to properties and businesses in the working area will be maintained where possible however it may be restricted for certain periods as the work progresses.

Properties directly affected by this work will receive a letter explaining the scope of the work and timescales involved in due course.


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  1. John Allwork says:

    Hi Iain

    Ernest Street is currently being re-surfaced. Several residents have complained to me that this is in a Conservation Area and the flags should stay.

    Can you please tell me
    1. How a bitmac path is in keeping with a Conservation Area?
    2. Who made the decision to allow the bitmac path?
    3. Can we stop any further work in our Conservation area?
    4. Can we re-instate flags on Ernest Street?


  2. John Allwork says:

    Hi Iain
    They are continuing the work this morning along the other side of Ernest Street. I have spoken to the workmen, who has spoken to his boss, Ian Martin, who says that it’s been agreed. The workman didn’t know who or what has been agreed or who with.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Thanks for the information John.

      • John Allwork says:

        Can you at least stop any further work (e.g Hall Street, Crescent Road, Hall Grove, Crescent Grove) until the decision is confirmed?

        • Iain Roberts says:

          Hi John – I’m trying to contact the officers, will do my best to confirm the situation.

          • Iain Roberts says:

            Regarding the concern about the pavement on Ernest Street, we have been chasing up council officers since residents told us what was happening, and we had a response yesterday afternoon, which is below. We are following this up and have asked for a copy of the council policy mentioned and more details on when it was decided. At the moment the council line is that the replacement is in line with the council policy and so there are no grounds to halt it.

            Dear Cllr Roberts,

            In regards to your email concerning Ernest Street, Cheadle.

            We are currently resurfacing the footways on Ernest Street, Cheadle which involves removing the existing damaged paved surfaces and replacing with bitmac. In conservation areas the Council’s approved standard detail requires us to include a stone sett feature around tree pits, vehicle crossing points or passageway entries as required. I have attached a photo to this email which demonstrates the features we propose to install on Ernest Street.

            If you have any further queries regarding this work, please do not hesitate to contact me.


            Simon Sherry EngTech M.I.C.E
            Senior Engineer – Network Assets


  3. Peter Rowley says:

    Hi Iain,
    Would it not be better to fix the poor quality pavement work on Cheadle High Street before moving on to other areas? Given it has been requested to hold/delay the proposed work detailed above Totally Locally can sort out the mess in the High Street in order to keep them occupied.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Peter – we need to do both. I do not think we should stop the programme to fix Cheadle High Street: how many people would trip and fall on other pavements, or have their cars damaged on other roads while we were trying to get that sorted out?

  4. John Arnold says:

    Ian is this another description for the slurry mix that was used by Colas, if so, why is this continuing in the face of complaints. The surfaces are releasing grit and elephant feet continue to apear,less than a year on there is moss growing through the coating and on the roads off Wilmslow road weeds are growing through, not only why is this being used in conservation areas but why are the council using a process which is clearly NOT fit for purpose?

  5. Roy says:

    Morning Iain
    I can’t believe your highlighting Lib Dem £100 million pavement scheme, after the email correspondence I had with you on Friday regarding the pavements on the High Street.
    I think the Lib Dem councillors need to inform the rate payers exactly what power/control they have.
    You continue to peddle good news stories whilst failing to address real issues.
    The replacement paving on and around the High Street Cheadle has not be fit for perpos and remedial works are well over due, the replacement lamp standards (not needed) are still not all working and the perfectly good old lamp standards are still erected.
    Are we the Tax Payers witnessing a rush to spend Council Budget before Year End?
    I am fast becoming very disalusioned with the Council and lack of representation. I hope this improves

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Roy,

      The £100m is a 9 year programme. The High Street repairs were not part of it. We will continue to both let people know about upcoming repairs and do all we can to ensure work is completed to a high standard. It’s not an either/or!

  6. Bryan Neill says:

    Still nothing on Springfield Rd. Very dissapointing….

  7. Gerard Shiel says:

    100 million being spent all over cheadle and surronding areas ?
    Nice to here, why can’t we finish one area complete instead of digging and fencing off areas (cheadle high St / Oak rd) and then leaving it untouched for, dare I say it weeks ?
    Also loads of money available for this and that and nothing has been done about the flooding around the wilmslow rd / Broadway area , are we just supposed to sort it out ourselves,I’ve heard nothing for the best part of a year ? Yours , wellies and waiting .

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Ged – do you want to drop me an email with details of recent flooding on Wilmslow Road/Oak Road. I thought UU had taken action to improve the situation, but if there’s been more flooding in the last few weeks it clearly hasn’t done the job!

  8. Mark Scriven says:

    Hi Iain – I hope you are well.

    Any chance of the road and pavements being done in the Mews? they are in bad order and have had nothing done to them for 20 years, the length of time i have lived here! except that is for the old NTL business digging up the pavements to lay cables for cable TV – thanks Mark

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