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Fly-through of new Stockport Interchange

by Iain Roberts on 14 March, 2019

The Council has published a fly-through video of the new Stockport Interchange, showing how it will look once constructed. The Interchange will replace the ageing bus station and include a new public park, apartments and an improved link to the station.

You can see the video here.

The planned new Stockport Interchange

4 Responses

  1. Paul says:

    Looks good, but that new apartment block looks far too tall. Is there parking provision for people who live there? Are we losing the pay and display parking spots on daw bank next to the hat museum? Whats happening with the buildings next to the viaduct between that and the bus station which are not shown on the flythrough? And finally, has it been planned so any metrolink extension from east didsbury will be able to be included at a later date?

  2. Bryan Neill says:

    About time Stockport centre was upgraded as it is a total dump and very depressing.

  3. Trevor Gaunt says:

    Looks very impressive. However, I noticed a lot of steps, which could pose a safety issue. Also, is there adequate and legally compliant provision for disabled users? And what about security, given the terrorism problems we face in this 21st century? The ‘bus station and downstairs section would appear to require permanent lighting. Will this be eco-friendly? And what will be the energy sources for climate control, ie cooling in summer; heating in winter? How will noise and fumes be dealt with? That’s unless all public transport is planned to be using electric motive power by the time this facility is opened.

  4. John M says:

    Well the proposed Metrolink line from East Didsbury to Stockport/Hazel Grove is still in the GM Spatial Framework plan, but only at the ‘option development’ stage. Which I think is planning speak for, not much work has been done. Also, as the extension to the Trafford Centre has cost around £100M per mile. TfGM have got to find a lot of money to build the extension to Stockport

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