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Local election candidates announced

by Iain Roberts on 5 April, 2019

Graham Greenhalgh in Gatley Carrs

On Thursday 2 May Cheadle and Gatley votes to elect a councillor.

Graham Greenhalgh will be seeking re-election from the Liberal Democrats.

The other candidates are:

Mark Williams (Conservative)
Khalid Ahmed (Labour)
Praveen Prabhakaran Kutty (Green)

Graham says:

“I’d like to say how sorry I am that Colin Owen is not on the ballot for Labour this year. Colin has been a stalwart in Cheadle and Gatley and a honourable adversary. He was, together with the Lib Dems ,the only fixed point in local elections – unlike the Conservatives who this year field their sixth nomination in 8 years! I wish Colin well.”


16 Responses

  1. Alan says:

    It’s to be hoped Labour lose control via the election of Graham and others so we hopefully can then expose the shambles surrounding the Produce Hall in Stockport perpetrated by the Labour exec

  2. Harry Bull says:

    For the first time in my 78 year life I have decided to vote for “None of the Above” (apologies to the popular film that spawned that phrase).
    My decision has been brought about primarily because of the disgraceful and almost undemocratic way that the Members of the Mother of Parliaments have behaved generally in their handling of Brexit.
    Please don’t lecture me on not using the vote that was hard fought for by my antecedents – I have enough of a guilty conscience about my decision as it is.

    • Bryan Neill says:

      Harry I totally understand and respect your decision. None of these political parties accept the referendum result or understand the importance of implementing the democratic will of of the people. Leave meant leave, not a fudge deal or a second referendum. Politicians, probably not even excluding local councillors, are in my opinion about to experience a huge backlash, which may alter politics for generations.

    • Sue F says:

      I’m with you on this Harry – but I will attend the polling station and spoil my ballot paper. Spoiled votes are counted. Imagine if instead of not voting, therefore not being counted, across the country thousands spoiled their ballot papers. This would show politics up far more than a low turnout.

    • Janet Jackson says:

      I totally agree with what your saying. I will also not be voting for any of the main parties.

      • Iain Roberts says:

        As local councillors, we can only look at the mess the Government is making of Brexit the same as anyone else. We fully understand that people might be so fed up with the whole business that they don’t want to vote this time round. We will continue our work locally: sorting out potholes, pavements, bin collections, traffic and parking issues and all the rest of it, and obviously we hope you’ll give Graham your vote on May 2nd to allow us to carry on that work, but we understand.

    • Bruce says:

      Harry – totally agree – I am over 70 and the leader of the libdems says I shouldn’t have voted as I ruined it for the younger generation..

      Mind you was OK for him to vote.

      What a hypocrite

  3. John H says:

    I agree whole heartedly, but it is difficult not to tactically vote against Corbyn and Abbott.

  4. I have never voted in this ward since the Liberals with the Tories closed all the Remploys and now with this Brexit crap they are all a waste of time

    • Graham Greenhalgh says:

      David Meycock
      Just for balance I can confirm of the 83 REMPLOY factories that ever existed :

      29 were close by Labour by 2008

      After the report by RADAR (the disability campaign group) report in 2012 stated that REMPLOY did not have the geographic sweep to be a benefit to all and REMPLOY should be transformed into an employment agency for people with disability in main stream employment. The other factories were disposed of by the coalition by:

      33 were closed in 2012
      10 were closed in 2013
      11 were sold or became co-operatives

      REMPLOY continues as an employment agency for people with disabilities in the main stream employment environment. It is in parted supported by the EU European Social Fund so we are left to see how this organisation is effected by Brexit.

  5. Lois Evans says:

    For the first time since I was entitled to vote I will not be doing so this time. My opinion of politicians of all parties is at an all time low – what a shower you all are

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Fair enough Lois – can’t blame you. I would ask what it is you think local councillors could or should have done differently.

    • John Hartley says:

      The only time I’ve chosen not to vote was in the 1975 referendum. I really couldnt decide whether it was a good or bad thing for the UK. Didnt take me long after that to decide it was a good thing. Still I suppose that after we leave (as I regret that we will), we can start what will be a long campaign to rejoin.

      On the subject of this thread, of course I’ll be voting. And, although I regard myself as a Green, I’ll be voting Lib Dem in support of Graham who, with his two colleagues, do a good job in representing the ward.

    • Graham Greenhalgh says:

      As a Democrat I would always urgent everyone to exercise their right to select local and national politicians.
      Whether you agree or not with the stance the LibDems have always (long before any referendum) held that it is in the best interests of the people to be a part of The EU. In the end it is the people and their well being that matters. For that reason I stood in the drizzle and sun on Cheadle High Street with my pasting table and campaigned to remain 3 years ago.
      We have stuck to our guns I can not begin to comment of the Labour or Coservatives commitments.

      No matter what happens next on a national level you will still need your bins emptied, your street cleaned and pot holes filled.

  6. John Hartley says:

    Referring to Graham’s remarks about Colin Owen, I see someone of that name is the Labour candidate in the Bramhall South ward. I assume that’s “our” Colin. I wish him well there but thought he’s even less likely to get elected in that ward than he was in Cheadle & Gatley. I’ve never voted Labour in my life but reckon he would be an asset to the Council’s Labour group and I’m surprised they havent selected him for one of their safe seats.

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