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Police report 30 Mar – 5 Apr 2019

by Iain Roberts on 5 April, 2019

Good evening. 

An update on incidents and work in the Cheadle & Bramhall ward for the period Saturday 30th March to Friday 5th April. The headline news is that burglary rates have continued to fall. In the reporting period there have been 4 reported burglaries. Of these two occurred overnight Tuesday into Wednesday.

One was on Redford Drive where the thieves were disturbed by the owner and made off without getting into the house. The other was on Bramhall Moor Lane where the thieves gained entry, did a search of the house but left without taking anything, suggesting that they were looking for car keys. There was another break in on Meadway, Bramhall on Friday afternoon. Thieves gained entry by breaking a ground floor window. The last break in was on Sunday 31st March on Queensway, Heald Green during the afternoon. 

This is a dramatic reduction in numbers. We have seen the arrest and remand of two teams involved in the vehicle burglary series, but these were a couple of weeks ago. I am aware of action at a wider GMP Force level through Operation Dynamo that may have had an impact on our local offenders. I am also aware of the arrest of two 16 years from the Wythenshawe area last week for vehicle crime burglaries in that area. I strongly suspect that they have been involved in burglaries in our neighbourhood.

I am grateful for the reduction in numbers, though this is little consolation for those who have been victims. 

There have been 4 robberies reported in the summary period. Two of these happened on Monday 1stApril. The first happened at 3:00pm in William Scholes Park, Gatley when three offenders aged 16-18 years old threatened a 12 year old lad and stole his bike.

The same offenders the targeted a group of boys on their way home from school on Cambridge Road, Gatley. Two of them were stopped, again threatened and had a phone stolen.

There was a third robbery at 5:30pm on John avenue, Cheadle where a 24 year old man was stopped by two youths who threatened him and stole his watch.

The last robbery was on Gatley Road, yesterday at 3:30pm when a 14 year old was stopped by a group of 4 lads who stole his bike.

The investigation is being managed by the CID team at Cheadle and I am aware it is progressing quickly. I hope to be able to give updates on this soon. 

With regard to anti-social behaviour we have had three reports of off-road bikes causing problems in the Cheadle area, and another report of bikes in the Bramhall area in the Wentworth Road area. I will link in the Hazel Grove Neighbourhood team who have a similar problem and are organising an operation. 

Kind regards Rob Hawksley 

Rob Hawksley
Neighbourhood Inspector Cheadle, Gatley & Bramhall

Cheadle Heath Police Station


2 Responses

  1. Jane says:

    As a parent, I’ve been so worried lately about my son walking home for fear of him being targeted. It’s a very frightening & humiliating thing to happen to a child, I know because it happened to me as a child. These incidents stay with you & change who you are. People will know who this group are & they need to start talking! As I understand it, there’s so little in the way of police patrols, that parents & residents have been talking about taking matters into their own hands. I’m so sorry for the kids that have been targeted & sincerely hope the culprits are caught & stopped. If you’re a parent of one of these kids, you’ve lost control of your 16-17 yr old son, & you actually care about them, encourage them to join the army where they can have the chance of turning their lives around!

  2. Mike George says:

    We had activity in the early hours a week ago on South Park Road / Kingsway corner with cars and a helicopter. A suspect was apprehended. We assumed a local burglary. Nice to feel resources are still available to tackle crime. Must be hard balancing team v responses. Great job under extreme financial constraints.

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