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Report back from Cheadle Area Committee 9 April 2019

by Iain Roberts on 9 April, 2019

Cheadle Area Committee met on 9 April 2019, the last meeting for Cllr Paul Porgess and Cllr Sylvia Humphreys, who are standing down after 60 years of combined service.

Here’s what’s was decided.

  • Graham Greenhalgh reported back on the council survey of residents for a chicane on High Grove Road. We were hoping for a clear steer, but residents are still split on the idea. 27 residents support the plan with 25 opposing and slightly more not responding. We will take more time to consider the options.
  • Application from Friends of Scholes Park for 4 community planter raised beds to plant and grow fruit, vegetables and herbs by the railway track with help from local school children for £1000 was approved..
  • Application from Cheadle Get Connected for £200 towards creating a dementia-friendly community in Cheadle was approved.
  • Planning application 72346 for a 68 Bedroom care home on the site of the former Queens Arms pub in Cheadle. This came to planning previously as application 69999, but there was an error in that application. This new application corrects that error so the full information needed to decide it is included. However, councillors were concerned that some issues may not have been resolved, so requested a site visit and a final decision by Planning and Highways Committee.
  • Planning application 72253 for a part-retrospective application to alter a detached garage at 2 South Drive, Gatley to form a new garden room was approved, with a condition that it cannot be converted into a separate residence.
  • Planning application 71947 for enlargement and extension of 96 Styal Road was recommended to be granted.
  • Proposal for extended double yellow lines on Schools Hill an extra 5m on the left from Daylesford Crescent was approved.
  • An alternative of single yellow lines either side of the entrance to 13 Milton Crescent and H-bars protecting the driveways opposite has been proposed was approved.
  • Application for use of Gatley Rec and Gatley Hill playing fields for Gatley Festival 28-30 June was approved.
  • Application for use of Abney Hall Park for Picnic in the Park on Sunday 21 July was approved.
  • Application for Heald Green Festival was approved.

12 Responses

  1. Les Leckie says:

    Re the traffic calming measures for High Grove Road. A similar voting split led us to Brexit.

    • High Grove Road resident says:

      Except that Brexit (for all its faults*) doesn’t involve the risk of schoolchildren, nursery attendees and residents being mown down by speeding drivers who think they’re still on Kingsway :/

      (*It involves the risk of children not getting the medication they need, among other things, but that’s another story…)

  2. Iain Roberts says:

    I’m not sure either Angela Merkel or the Queen can sort out High Grove Road for us.

    • David says:

      Ian, I think the comparison with Brexit is that you are focused on a single solution to the issue . Only circa a third of the residence are support the chicanes and yet you still wish to consider this option rather than pursue alternative options. It is only when the door has closed on Chicanes, have the chance to be discussed

      • Iain Roberts says:

        Hi David – we are open to any options. So far, chicanes is the most popular option, and it would seem daft to ask people what they want to happen and then to rule out the most popular response. But it isn’t the only option.

  3. High Grove Road resident says:

    Re: High Grove Road

    1) Can better signage be included in the further considerations? Or speed cushions (as opposed to full-width bumps)? Personally I support the chicane proposals, but I understand why some residents don’t, as it will alter the appearance of the road – so perhaps some gentler solutions would help, while the more serious ones are being considered long-term.

    2) This wasn’t listed in the ‘What’s coming up’ post. Not the end of the world – just noting it.

  4. Alex Masidlover says:

    “Application from Friends of Scholes Park for 4 community planter raised beds to plant and grow fruit, vegetables and herbs by the railway track with help from local school children for £1000 was approved..”

    I hope some thought has been given as to how to prevent vandalism; the playground there has been repeatedly vandalised (usually within days of equipment being repaired / renewed).

  5. Roy says:

    Road Traffic Police Officers patrolling the roads of Cheadle would sort out many of the problems we face( speeding drivers, paking on zig zags driving the wrong way down one way roads, un-insured vehicles etc) these officers would be self funding if they applied the law and we would all benefit from their presence

  6. Roy says:

    Why have you taken the Cheadle High Street link off the blog

  7. Alan says:

    The chicanes I’ve seen , done well, incorporate planters which soften their look but are still effective. If we can’t agree then install 2 speed cameras which will be self
    Financing in a matter of weeks. Either way I’m
    Sick of people speeding down the road at 50mph and nothing being done about it

  8. Graham says:

    Many other people including myself proposed alternatives to chicanes including a mobile speed camera once or twice a month will sort it or make High Grove One way. Those proposing chicanes won’t be so keen once they find one outside their house. Or we extend the chicanes perhaps onto broadway because that is the major school entrance, lets include Milton crescent as well for good measure. I have lived her for nearly 40 year and I know of only1 incident not speed related on High Grove Rd. Getting on and of your drive will become more difficult and parking will be significantly affected. Traffic will effectively be using a single lane down the length of High Grove. This topic has got out of hand as far as I and many other residents are concerned. Many alternatives have been suggested but there is no mention of them in this forum. As commented by another resident how come this wasn’t in for the proposed topics for discussion at council meetings beforehand? or did I miss it?

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