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What is the Progressive Alliance recommended vote in Cheadle?

by Iain Roberts on 31 October, 2019

Our third General Election in five years is about to kick off. In Cheadle, the Progressive Alliance are recommending a vote for Lib Dem Tom Morrison to defeat the Conservatives.

Volunteer here to help Tom beat the Tories in Cheadle.

The Progressive Alliance recommend voting Lib Dem to beat the Tories in Cheadle. “Labour & Green cannot win here” they say.

Labour have selected a councillor from Oldham – Dr Zahid Chauhan – as their candidate for Cheadle. Local Labour councillor and cabinet member David Meller went for the position but was defeated.

A Labour activist tweeted to David Meller “I did not see any recent tweets or retweets from the leader on your timeline. That’s a shame and I’m disappointed!”


20 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    I’d describe myself as a Green, which forms part of the Progressive Alliance. I’m presuming that we will not put up a candidate in Cheadle and will continue to recommend our supporters to vote tactically for Tom.

    To be blunt, it’s more important to me to vote for the Remain candidate best placed to beat the Tories, in this election, than anything else. There’s just too much at stake to do otherwise.

    • Bruce says:


      I have just received through the door another Libdem leaflet which make a total of SEVEN in the last two months – and hardly any on recycled paper.

      How many forests have been destroyed and just reflect on all the carbon emissions from the production and distribution of so many leaflets.

      If you are really green you would object.

      • John Hartley says:


        I would object to forests being destroyed just to produce paper – if only that were the case. Paper is actually manufactured from pulp from renewable “tree farms”, where the trees are grown as a crop, rather than virgin forest. I’ve recently been in South Africa where the cropping is a major industry in the Durban area. The trees provide stability for the land, as well as an important contribution to what would otherwise be an impoverished area for the native Zulus.

        The problem of the destruction of, say, Amazon rain forests relates to the farming of beef cattle rather than anything else. So, if you want to actually be green about this – cut down on the consumption of South American beef (probably most seen in this country as tinned corned beef).

        So, you having tried to make a cheap political point at my expense, let me return the favour. I’d rather those who seek to represent me kept me informed about what they are up to, by way of their leaflets, than our pretty much invisible Tory MP.

        • Bruce says:

          John – invisible MP? – get on her mailing list or visit her website – and she does send a keeping in touch circular.

          What do you expect her to do John? If you have a genuine concern write to her – I did and she contacted Openreach on my behalf.

          She doesn’t invoke magic in a pentacle – she has been a good MP for Cheadle. The problem is the Libdems and people such as yourself never refrain from undermining and maligning her. Please be fair,

          Interesting about south Africa though.

          And seven propaganda leaflets IS excessive.

          • John Hartley says:


            I have no personal ill will towards her. And she did respond to us when we wrote asking why she wasnt supporting the majority Remain view in this constituency – apparently the “will of the people” only applies one way.

            But she represents a party whose policies and ethos I have always detested, with a vengeance. They have absolutely nothing to offer folk like me.

  2. Ian says:

    I’ve voted LD in the last 3 elections but not this time.The parties stand against Brexit and delivering the democratic will of the majority ( I voted remain) will turn me and the 5 members of my family to the conservatives.

    • Trevor Gaunt says:

      With respect Ian, I think you are misguided. May I remind you that our current Conservative MP, Mary Robinson, voted “Remain”. The “democratic majority” at the referendum amounted to approximately 4%.

  3. I warned you about this 4-5yrs ago, Dr Chauhan is here for the Muslim vote but having said that i will be voting Labour

  4. John H says:

    Think about it. You could be making way for Comrade Corbyn.

    • John Hartley says:

      Thought about it, John.

      One less Tory MP is fine with me.

      I support muc of current Labour policies and, if I were in a different constituency, I’d consider voting for them for the first time in my life.

  5. Bruce says:

    The Greens are LibDems useful idiots and are so gullible. Don’t they know that the LibDems never do anything unless it suits them.

    Why don’t they stand aside and let the Greens contest the seat?

  6. Robert Cohen says:

    All this frenzy! Wow! The problem is that this isn’t a normal state of affairs. I’m not a huge Johnson fan, and I have issues with some of the LD policies. The real problem for the country as a whole is not just Brexit, it is the the Labour Party. This isn’t a party of the past few decades, this now has has some seriously dangerous ideals with quite frightening policies. I have spoken to so many traditional Labour voters over the last few years who either haven’t or won’t be voting Labour. I for one am very worried not just for myself, but future generations.

    • Bruce says:

      Well said John – I totally agree with you.

      • John Hartley says:

        I take it that reply was to the other John, and not me. LOL.

        • Bruce says:

          Oops meant Robert not John (force of habit! )

          • John Hartley says:

            No worries, Bruce. Where I’d also agree with Robert is that this is not a normal state of affairs. This election is probably the most significant of my lifetime.

            It is not just about Brexit, as a narrow issue, but the whole direction of what that will mean and how we see our country’s future. Our votes on 12 December will determine that probably for a couple of generations. I’m very patriotic about my country and what it’s been during my lifetime so this is one heck of a responsibility.

    • Alan says:

      What are these dangerous policies? More dangerous than austerity? a 165% increase in homelessness under the Tories? Selling the nhs to Trump, running down the infrastructure to 3rd world levels? The Tories are just like spoilt brats ina sweet shop- no real world experience, just looking after their rich donors

      • John Hartley says:

        And contrast the Tory responsibility for that increase in homelessness with the policies of the opposition parties – Green, Labour and Liberal Democrat – all to dramatically increase the building of social housing.

  7. Mark says:

    For the first time in my life I am not to sure who to vote for in Cheadle and Gatley. I can say this I will never vote Tory but my concern is that you guys will jump in bed with the Torys again if it means gaining power.

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