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How to request a traffic warden

by Iain Roberts on 14 November, 2019

If you are concerned about a vehicle parking illegally on yellow lines (single or double) you can ask the council to send out a traffic warden by completing the form here.

Council traffic wardens can enforce on yellow lines. Unfortunately, parking on the pavement or on junctions (where there are no yellow lines), across driveways and moving traffic offences such as turning right when there’s a no right turn sign can only be enforced by the Police – so you need to call 101 or report the issue on the Police website.


9 Responses

  1. John Hartley says:

    The parking of cars on the yellow lines round the South Park Road estate is so frequent, you could probably have a warden visit every day.

  2. Roy says:

    Cheadle should have a full time Traffic Warden, this would be self funding and would solve a lot of parking problems for the residents of Cheadle.
    The Wardens do a good job and we should all show them our support.

  3. steve says:

    What about Burglary in Gatley whilst people are asleep in their beds
    What about that
    Can we request the Police to visit Gatley

  4. Peter Rowley says:

    Iain, reporting I’m afraid is a waste of time. I have raised with you and reported via the council illegal parking online form circa 15 times that the used car dealer on the corner of Newland Road and Manchester Road (opposite the George and Dragon pub) parks his cars on the double yellow lines plus usually another blocking the pavement by the railway bridge. In addition there is a 2 hour maximum parking bay where he parked one of his cars for over a week and moved it, the replacement car was there all day on Friday. He also double parked another of his cars in front of the bay for the majority of the day. The cars parked on Manchester Road and double parked on Newland Road cause serious traffic congestion. On Friday the council parking attendant walked down The Green past the dealer (after I had completed the online form) he looked at the cars and then walked straight on by to the high street. Why is this business allowed to flout the law and nothing is done about it?

  5. Jane says:

    At least when turning from Gatley Rd into Church Rd every evening after work, i wont have to navigate around the back end of a car sticking out on the corner, there so regularly, he obviously thinks it’s his own designated parking space!

  6. Trevor Gaunt says:

    It’s high time the law was changed to permit traffic wardens to at least take registration numbers and photographs of vehicles flouting ‘No Right Turn’, eg Massie Street, ‘No Entry’, eg Chapel Street, Brooklyn Road etc., blocking footways or driveways then passing such evidence to the police. Our police have enough to do in respect of more serious crime, nor is it feasible to have a police officer attend in time to catch someone disobeying a traffic sign by ‘phoning 101 – we know from experience how long it can take to get someone to answer such calls.

    • john H says:

      A camera at these junction collecting evidence to prosecute offenders would pay for themselves over and over again.
      Not only a revenue collector but potentially increased safety in the village

  7. janet mcleod says:

    Who voluntarily phones a traffic warden for someone parking on double yellow lines? Only the people of Cheadle. Never ever heard of anyone anywhere voluntarily doing this.

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