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Local Police report, November 2019

by Iain Roberts on 18 November, 2019

From Inspector Rob Hawksley

I am looking to restart my weekly updates on events in Cheadle and Bramhall. I am acutely aware that I have not sent any updates out since August. There are various reasons behind this and I am in a position to be able to send out more regular updates.

In terms of local crime and policing issues burglary remains the number one issue and priority. The number of burglaries, and in particular those where thieves are looking to steal vehicles remains a persistent problem. Bramhall is the target area at the moment, although there were three burglaries reported in the Heald Green area overnight. It is very much a moving problem. A team can target a local area one night, then move to another area a few days later. This is very much a problem being replicated around Manchester and not just Stockport, not that this makes it any more acceptable.

GMP and the Stockport Division have a robust plan in place to address the problem. It is having results and more and more offenders are being arrested. Three men were arrested this week following a raid on a house in Offerton where items from various recent burglaries were recovered. Another car was chased last night in the Cheadle Hulme area and the occupants arrested. This car was an outstanding stolen from earlier this year. Another vehicle stolen from the Stockport area was a chased in Oldham a few nights ago and the occupants arrested.

Neighbourhood officers have been working until 02:00 hours to patrol the area. The officers disturbed two thieves on Seal Road, Bramhall at around 01:00 hours on Friday morning.  A foot chase followed, with other Divisional officers and a dog handler arriving. The helicopter was deployed and this picked up a car making off. A vehicle pursuit then followed involving the Tactical Vehicle Unit. The car which was an outstanding stolen vehicle, was stopped using a stinger device in Reddish and the driver arrested. The offender was a 17 year old youth who has been arrested several times before in the Bramhall area. He was once again charged with offences including breaching existing court conditions, and was remanded to court. We are again making strong representations to have him remanded in custody awaiting trial.

The message behind this is to reassure you that officers are out doing their best to arrest and disrupt offenders. I have outlined below what GMP and the Stockport Division are doing about burglary and car crime in the Cheadle & Bramhall Neighbourhood. Burglary, and vehicle crime burglary is the Divisional priority. This type of crime is endemic right across Greater Manchester, and is not just confined to Cheadle & Bramhall.

Superintendent Marcus Noden has dedicated officers and finances to tackling this crime. We are seeing results, offenders are being arrested and pursued through the courts and burglary rates are falling. Greater Manchester Police Response

  • Operation Dynamo  – This is the GMP Force-wide operation to tackle the higher level organised crime which is behind this crime type
  • Operation Amberley – This is the GMP Stockport Divisional response that feeds into Operation Dynamo
  • Tactical Vehicle Crime Intercept Unit – this is a specialist unit, generally deployed to Stockport and South Manchester on night shifts. This team has been responsible for a lot of the recent arrests of criminals. They have specialist vehicles and tracking equipment.

GMP Stockport  Divisional response

  • Specialist vehicle crime unit – This is a specialist team of detectives and officers dedicated to investigating vehicle crime. The unit uses a variety of intelligence led covert tactics.
  • Plain clothes officers are working night shifts to patrol hot-spot areas
  • Dog unit – a Force resource currently tasked to the Stockport Division each night
  • Operation Barometer – This is an Divisional operation seeing patrols working in hot-spot areas to tackle wider issues such as anti-social behaviour, but is also directed to patrol burglary hot-spot areas.
  • Neighbourhood Team – My team do a lot of crime prevention work and crime investigation follow-up such as cctv retrieval and house to house enquiries. They work closely with residents groups to give crime prevention advice and support Neighbourhood Watch schemes. We also work closely with local partner agencies.
  • Crime Progression Team – this team reviews all burglary crimes, looking for investigative opportunities and new intelligence
  • Crime Scene Investigation team – review all burglary crimes and will contact victims to check for forensic opportunities. They will attend all burglaries where there are forensic opportunities.


  • The Division works closely with partner agencies such as the Youth Justice Service and Probation to manage the activities of those arrested and convicted of  offences.

Other business.

While burglary is our focus my team continue to be busy with other issues. We are still having problems with anti-social behaviour in the Cheadle Hulme area. Some good intervention work was done following some joint intelligence sharing with the Wilmslow Neighbourhood Team. We are again working with the local high schools. We have involved the Road Policing Unit and Traffic PCSO’s to do some speed enforcement work. There is on-going work with other agencies to support and safeguard local vulnerable people.

Please be assured that my team are doing all they can to look after the Cheadle & Bramhall neighbourhood.

Regards Rob Hawksley  

Rob Hawksley
Neighbourhood Inspector Cheadle, Gatley & Bramhall Cheadle Heath Police Station


5 Responses

  1. David says:

    That’s all very good in written form, robust wording, but crimes generally have too low a detection rate, penalties in the courts is not the deterrent it should be. Criminals know that there is a low risk of being caught and if so then the courts leave them with nothing to fear.
    Fear of being caught and fear of the penalties then thrust on the criminals by court, these need to exist.
    Many crimes are drug fueled, the need to trade the various concoctions, this is at the heart of the matter.
    There has to be a more robust, a word often bandied about but meaningless in practice, approach. The introduction of capital punishment for trafficking and organising large quantities (2kg+) of drugs is such a robust measure.

  2. Lois says:

    My house was entered & house & car keys stolen. Cheeky monkeys locked me in before driving off in my car.
    Very rapid response from the police resulted in the car being found within 90minutes Many thanks to the police. Needless to say my locks were changed the same night.
    But beware its not only high end cars that are stolen

  3. John H says:

    A welcome resumption of the weekly crime report

  4. Steve A says:

    Could we have capital punishment for people who abuse the English language?

    • John Hartley says:

      I have some sympathy with that tongue-in-cheek view, Steve.

      I use a particular forum where the standard of English is awful. Lot’s of folk can’t spell, don’t know “proper” grammar, etc. I’m not talking about “textspeak” here but a simple lack of knowing what’s correct. I genuinely think its a national scandal – we let youngsters out of school without proper command of their own language. How on earth are they expected to cope in the modern world? And what’s even more of a national scandal, is that we really don’t seem that bothered as a society about this.

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