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Concern over bin collection day mix-up

by Iain Roberts on 3 January, 2020

The Lib Dems are investigating an apparent mix-up on bin collection days from Stockport Council.

A number of residents have complained that the Christmas collections disappeared from the “Your next collections” report on the council website, while still being on the bin calendar. The result was people being unsure whether or not there was a collection.

“Some people checked the council website and, seeing no collection, did not put their bins out,” said Cllr Keith Holloway. “They are left with overflowing bins and no further collection for a week or more.”

The Lib Dem team have alerted council officers to the problem and asked for an explanation as to what went wrong, and assurances that it won’t happen again.

The Council has confirmed that the bin calendar is correct

“The Council asks a lot from residents to ensure we recycle as much as possible,” said Keith. “The least residents should be able to expect is clear, consistent and accurate information on the council website.”

UPDATE: Following our request, the Council now believes they have resolved the problem, and are looking into ways to ensure it does not reoccur next year.


15 Responses

  1. Jean hynd says:

    Credit where credits due , here on oak rd area never had a problem with bins over Xmas and new year or ever , so can’t complain

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Unfortunately this problem affects the Oak Road area too – but you’ll only have seen it if you checked on the council website to see when your next collection was due.

  2. Jean hynd says:

    I’m just saying I didn’t have a problem , my bins were collected every time they said they would be , and always have been , I have a good bin collection service

  3. John Hartley says:

    The calendar says my next collection is tomorrow (Saturday), so I’m just about to put them out now.

  4. Go by the Bin Calender that’s why you get one.

  5. Jennifer says:

    I consulted my leaflet and left out the correct bins. However along Schools Hill the only 2 houses where the black bin was NOT emptied was my house and the one next door! All the other bins ( whatever colour) were emptied including everyone else’s black bin. I rang to report it , had to fill in a form, but nothing happened!

  6. Peter Rowley says:

    David M is spot on.
    Credit where credit is due, the council did a cracking job over Christmas and New Year. Whilst I am as quick to moan about the council on various topics the team who plan and organise bin collections do a very good job, in my humble opinion.

  7. Jane says:

    We’ve always kept the calender by the back door, followed it, & never had a problem. Never even thought to check the website.

  8. Tony Priest says:

    If you lose the paper collection calendar you can always download another from the website.

  9. Robert Cohen says:

    1. The printed leaflet is quite clear and is a great idea – much better than ‘going on line’ and is on our notice board 2. Our bins have been emptied, so no complaints there. 3. A label has been attached to the brown bin: so where do we now put all those other items that are marked as being recyclable? 4. The smallest bin is the black bin that is supposed to take all our non permitted or ‘council non permitted’ recycling products/waste. So, given that the local tips (recycling plants in current parlance) are going to record our car number plates limiting how often we can freely sort other recycling material, what are we supposed to do, when we are told to recycle as much as possible. 5 (last point, I promise) when I buy eat in or takeaway hot drinks and/or food from a local deli in Cheadle, its all supplied in compostable containers, plates, cutlery, so when finished with they can go in the green bin. Why can’t the major outlets (Costa, Starbucks etc) do the same if a small business can do this? I think that the book/coffee in cheadle does the same with its cups

    • jenb says:

      We will still be able to visit the Recycling Plants once a week. That should be fine for household recycling requirements.

  10. Mike George says:

    We use the calendar provided. It’s never failed over the years.
    Don’t trust technology.

  11. Janet J says:

    Regarding the stickers that were put on the brown bins yesterday. The bins had already been emptied when they were put on. So those that had been retrieved from the road like mine did not get a sticker. So I now don’t know what to put in and what not. Surely it would have been a good idea to have maybe pushed it through letterboxes. So we all got one. Another well thought out idea.!!!!

  12. John Sutcliffe says:

    I understand that we are going to be restricted to one trip a week to the recycling centre. As this is a reduction in service, will out Council Tax be reduced?

  13. Tony Priest says:

    It’s 52 trips / year, however you choose to spread those trips.

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