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Gatley Rec lines painted

by Iain Roberts on 3 January, 2020

We’re pleased to see that the lines have been painted on the new games area at Gatley Rec, and that even in early January the new area is already being well used.

We have identified a few more issues that need resolving and spoken to council officers:

  • The paths will be cleaned soon and the churned-up grass areas replanted
  • More work in scheduled for the playground in March and April when the fencing will be restored and new play equipment put in
  • We have also raised a concern about the number of balls that will be lost in the bowling green and suggested that a higher fence or netting is needed. This will require a planning application.

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  1. Jennifer bradbury says:

    The path between foxland rd and Gatley school ,is it the council who look after the path Its very overgrown and needs sweeping and the schools are back this week thank you

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