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130 bus service being withdrawn

by Iain Roberts on 7 January, 2020

The Lib Dem team is very concerned at the loss of yet another bus service: the 130 is being withdrawn from Cheadle, further limiting the options of anyone wanting to travel from Cheadle towards Manchester on public transport.

The briefing note for the Transport for Greater Manchester Committee reads:

Service 130 (East Didsbury – Cheadle – Handforth – Macclesfield)Link to Bus Timetable:

We’ve been advised by Arriva that the above service will be withdrawn after operation on Saturday 25th January 2020.

In recent years the service has been steadily reduced, affecting the frequency, span of operation and route covered. The last major change came in October 2018 when the service was curtailed to no longer run through to Manchester.

As the majority of the route within Greater Manchester is covered by other services it would be difficult for us to justify replacement, however, the withdrawal of this section will leave a section of Wilmslow Road in Heald Green (between Finney Lane and Outwood Road) without a bus service.

We did consider whether service 312 could be diverted, however, any action would in effect move the problem rather than solving it. The majority of Wilmslow Road will be within 400 metres of alternative services – either service 312 or service 368.

“Recent years have seen bus services reduced and fares increased. It’s no surprise that fewer people are using buses than in the past,” said Cllr Keith Holloway. “It is disappointing that the Mayor and the Labour-controlled transport committee are not willing to take any action to save the 130.”


8 Responses

  1. Barbara Schumm says:

    This will now stop me getting to handforth each week also it was the most convenient bus for the tram at East Didsbury

  2. Julie Davies says:

    This service has been reduced over the last few years and a Catch 22 situation has arisen whereby the service became so bad, unreliable etc that passengers gave up on it. Hence the reduction in numbers. I used to get this to work in Manchester every morning and it was packed but I don’t know how I would get to work now. What about students getting to Cheadle college or Parrs Wood. Public services don’t exist anymore.

  3. Mark McIntyre says:

    Well several High Street shops and bars in Cheadle will lose our custom – while waiting for the bus home to Handforth!

    As has been said – this has been a catch twenty-two in the making!!


  4. Alan says:

    “As the majority of the route is covered by other services” – not through Cheadle they aren’t. We’ll be cut off soon…

  5. Mike Acton says:

    Agree with previous commentary, Cheadle Village now more cut off than ever before. So much for Andrew Burnham’s Gtr MCR Transport action, why are we funding the Mayor and ordered to pay increased council tax again? There’s only one real tangible, reliable and cost-effective solution here, back in your cars folks in an already congested city.

  6. June Westley says:

    Our bus service is a disgrace for a major conurbation.
    We need that Franchisin system and a real commitment to public transport.

  7. Sarah Griffiths says:

    This is just another step towards cutting off Cheshire to the Stockport area. A couple of years ago the378 which ran from Wilmslow to Stockport was reduced to run from Grove lane. Now we’re losing the 130 that ran from Macclesfield through Alderley, Handforth, Wilmslow, Cheadle Hulme and onwards.

  8. Adrienne says:

    The current public transport system was originally based on access for work/shopping on the individual town centres, we are meant to be part of a Greater Manchester conurbation but increasingly being denied access across the full area. Local shopping centres will decline even further ( Cheadle/Wilmslow will no longer be accessible).
    Also an issue for hospital attendance,particularly access to The Christie from Macclesfield but also referrals from Cheadle to Macc General

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