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Lib Dem plan to reduce firework harm

by Iain Roberts on 11 January, 2020

If Lib Dem plans for Stockport are approved on Thursday, the borough will reduce the harm of fireworks on people and animals. While there’s a limited amount Stockport can do without a change of the law at Westminster, the Lib Dems believe these steps will make a positive difference.

The motion going to Thursday’s Full Council meeting reads:

This Council Meeting notes that the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) says the law is failing as it does not prevent or sufficiently reduce the risk of fireworks causing distress, injury or anxiety to people, as well as death, injury or distress to animals.

This Council Meeting believes that further research is needed to properly understand the effects on animals and people but, in the meantime, several things can be done to improve the situation for wildlife and people at risk, including:

  • Review of the licensing of all public firework displays, ensuring public displays are better advertised, informing of noise levels and warning how it may affect people and animals.
  • Applying the Challenge 25 scheme to the sale of fireworks, as widely used for the sale of Alcohol, to try to ensure that fewer young people purchase and are consequently injured by fireworks.

This Council Meeting resolves to:

  • Actively promote a public awareness campaign about the impact of fireworks on animal welfare and vulnerable people, including the precautions that can be taken to mitigate risks, such as purchasing quieter fireworks;
  • ensure all public firework displays within Stockport borough are advertised in advance of the event, allowing residents to take precautions for people in their care and pets;
  • encourage retailers of fireworks to separate ‘quieter’ fireworks from the louder ones so people can choose which ones they prefer. with animal and people safety in mind; and
  • encourage retailers to apply the Challenge 25 scheme to the sale of fireworks in Stockport borough, so that those over 18 but who look under 25 have to show photo ID, as needed when they want to buy alcohol

2 Responses

  1. John H says:

    So pleased to see some action on this problem.
    These days fireworks are not only used to celebrate the thwarting of the attempt blow-up parliament in 1605, they are also used to celebrate the new year in various calendars, birthdays and several religious events.
    Not wanting these celebrations to stop using fireworks but maybe consideration could be given to reduce the power of the explosions and restricting the high power fireworks to public licenced displays.
    I have no doubt that it is to much to hope that people will consider the health and comfort of other people and animals.

  2. robert cohen says:

    Good initiative. I think that the main problem nowadays is not so much the organised and excellent displays, but the clowns setting off fireworks all over the show.

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