The mystery bushes of Old Hall Road

by Iain Roberts on 9 August, 2017

Across the country there are thousands – probably hundreds of thousands – of plots of land where the ownership isn’t clear. Some roads (like Birch Road in Gatley) are “unadopted”. Some paths, like the path down the side of the Tatton site, aren’t owned by anyone. The Council isn’t responsible for them and it’s not always clear who is.

One area we didn’t realise was in this category ia the triangle of bushes at the corner of Old Hall Road, just across from “conker island” and by the old graveyard.

The bushes are growing over the pavement. In the past the Lib Dem team have cut some back and we think the council must have done it from time to time too.

But the council doesn’t own that land, so isn’t responsible for it.

Council officers are trying to find out who owns the land, and so who should maintain it. In the meantime the Lib Dem team will get down in the next few days and cut back the worst of the overhanging branches.


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  1. Les says:

    The Land Registry has existed since 1862. Time they got their finger out. 🙂

  2. Bryan Hamilton says:

    The memorial garden was the graveyard belonging to the Congregational church that was on the land on which Gatley Medical Centre now stands. When the land was sold to allow the a surgery to be built would not the strip of land be part of that plot?

  3. Estelle Weiner says:

    The Land Registry records evolved over decades, area by area. The area around Stockport only became compulsory registration sometime in the 1970’s but don’t hold me to that BUT registration was only at that time on “sales” so if land transferred in a gift or bequest, registration was only optional. I used to tell my clients to do it, to make life easier for their future needs. If this land has never been exactly “owned” then that’s probably why it’s unregistered. Now ALL changes of ownership attract compulsory registration

  4. David Maycock says:

    What about the over hanging bushes and stinging nettles over hanging Silverdale road from Highgrove stores to up the winding hill to Buttermere. There is even a fallen tree on the path half way along. I did it all last year on my own as it affects me doing papers. Reported it to the Tories but as yet nothing happening. So when it rains tonight weight of water on foliage will mean it will be all over the pavement.With all the cuts and nothing getting done now, places are like scenes from an apocalypse movie. weeds growing every where, peoples over grown hedges so you have to walk in the road, litter and dumping getting worse. I have seen a big change in my area since i moved here in 1994.

  5. David Johnson says:

    My memories from social events attended at the Congregational hall in the early fifties is that it was regarded as part of the church property.

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