Manchester’s hilarious attempt at reinventing London’s Oyster Card

by Iain Roberts on 12 September, 2017

Iain writes:

Two years ago, when I was on the TfGM Committee, I spoke to the Manchester Evening News about the mess that was being made of travel smart cards. More than a decade on from the Oyster card being introduced in London, Manchester had a mess of poorly-working tickets, cards, apps and payment options that no-one understood, but it could and should be done much better.

Labour councillors on the committee literally lined up to denounce me for daring to criticise them.

Now we have the My Get Me There card launched by Mayor Andy Burnham and Sushil Nash has written a pretty blunt piece that’s got a lot of attention on the internet titled “A beginner’s guide to using My Get Me There: Manchester’s hilarious attempt at reinventing London’s Oyster Card.”

I wonder if those Labour councillors who attacked me for speaking out will still be telling us that everything is fine.


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  1. DR C says:

    ‘Manchester’ makes a mess of things…why the surprise?!

    Having lived in ‘Manchester’ for over thirty years and known the place for the previous twenty – oneself has long concluded that ‘Mancunians’ are innately incompetent individuals.
    Stopfordians ARE ‘Mancunians’ by default, but with the added drawback – they are ‘wet’ and limp-wristed also!!

  2. John H says:

    If your dislike of the area and it’s people is so great. MOVE!

  3. John Ellis says:

    Surely the main transport problem in Manchester is not payment, it’s the transport, we need more of it. If I worked in north Manchester and look lived in south Manchester, it would be quicker to get to London on the train than the time it would take me to commute by public transport, leaving car travel the only viable option. If we want people to ditch their cars, we need to invest in a transport system that is fit for purpose.

  4. Alan says:

    John, the new Ordsall Cord, linking Victoria will help the transfer from north to south. In the meantime, a the article quoted is a typical London-centric dig at Manchester that we’ve become used to and don’t need to dignify with a response other than, “I presume you live up here because you can’t afford to live down south”.
    As to the Lib Dem dig, well, manchester achieves 10times the progress that Stockport does, but whilst we’re here, Iain, why not tell us TRUTHFULLY, why there’s not Metrolink track in the whole of Stockport?

  5. David Johnson says:

    John Ellis makes the important point – the road system is already greatly overloaded. It will rapidly worsen as the current policy of quickly building more houses presses ahead well before public transport expands to even cope with current demands! Where are the effective Planners – they are, for sure, not in Council or Government employ.

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