Gatley Costa planned for new year 2018

by Iain Roberts on 3 October, 2017

Following a second planning application for the old Occasions shop, construction and fit-out work on the new Costa Coffee in Gatley is planned to start in the new year.

A new planning application to demolish the single-storey extension and build a new two-storey extension was approved in April. The franchisee is just working on another couple of shops elsewhere and expects to start work on the Gatley Costa Coffee early in 2018. We don’t yet have an opening date.


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  1. Jane says:

    I think this is a good thing for Gatley. Yes there’s also some other lovely cafe’s here but i think there’s room for everyone. I mean, we have something like 7 hairdressers in the village who all seem to get customers so the people are out there. My only hope for Gatley now would be for the Tatton to be developed to an M&S food with plenty of parking. Do we really want a Co-op? I think to have a Costa AND & M& S food would lift the area back up to where it should be.

  2. Misty says:

    The Tatton has long since died a death again, not even an update about what’s happening with it, if anything,but then there isn’t an election in the offing, or is there?

  3. Clarkey says:

    Agreed about M&S. Also does anyone know if the proposed wine bar at the old Barclays bank is going ahead..

  4. Arthur says:

    Let’s face it Tatton is going to be left to disintegrate by the owners as it is then easier to demolish and they will then be able to build whatever they like without opposition. If not though why not fill it with takeaways as there is room for everyone and they are all well used. We have got rid of all the useful shops in Gatley and it is turning into take away town just like Northenden just up the road. Putting an M&S shop in the Tatton is a bit elitist as am sure the majority of people in Gatley can’t afford their prices.

  5. John Ellis says:

    Costa is a welcome addition to Gatley, though I do prefer the coffee at Coffee Fix. More support for independent shops and more uniqueness in Gatley I say. We don’t want the same Identikit town plan we see everywhere else.

    • Harry Bull says:

      I can’t agree that a Costa would reinforce Gatley’s uniqueness or make it less of an Identikit village – in fact just the opposite! What we really need are more truly independent enterprises, not less.

  6. Robert Cohen says:

    The trouble is that by the time an independent has paid the rates, rent and other outgoings, they need sell a lot of coffee and food. The ‘big boys’ can absorb some of this, certainaly at start up. The Taaton is a shame. I think I’ve said this before: It’s a pity that the site wasn’t completely cleared and re-developed with decent low-medium rise quality flats and limited retail to the ground floor – M&S would be terrific there. It won’t happen. The facade to the old entrance isn’t so special it warranted listing. Some times we have to move on….. Tidying the parade opposite wouldn’t be a bad thing either!

  7. Tony Kaye says:

    Agree with Robert and the others. Support the independents. Flatten the Tatton! Interesting that everyone still refers to it as the Tatton! Frontage of no historic interest. M&S would be great, with apartments above. NOT Co-op, which is beyond its sell by date. Gatley needs to move into the 21st century. No looking back through rose tinted specs. If we don’t look forward we’re going nowhere. It is interesting and very sad that once again it’s all gone quiet. I’ve heard all the previous discussion that it’s privately owned and the owners/ developers are responsible but there must be some possible action that the council could take. How long do we have to stare at this eyesore, and reflect on the Tatton’s glorious past. It’s gone. Finished. Move on and get over it. Liven up Gatley for heavens sake. It’s a nice village, but spoilt by this mess.

    • Harry Bull says:

      What a fantastic slogan for a new groundswell movement – FLATTEN THE TATTON!

    • Ian says:

      Tony, The Co-op have a policy where the design and stock of the store reflects the area it is in. Take a trip to their store on the hip and trendy Burton Road in Didsbury and you will see what I mean ,it is a great place to shop. So if you want an average Co op in Gatley carry on as you are ,if not smarten the area up and the co op will follow.

  8. Stewart Bale says:

    Ian—Could you do something about the graffiti in the Park .It is all over the old toilets and the BMX slope.Thanks

  9. John H says:

    How about another doctors surgery instead of a coffee shop?

  10. Christian Jones says:

    Anyone know what the latest is on the new wine bar (old Barclays building)?

  11. Rod says:

    The state of the poor old stream on Gatley Hill, where it is overlooked from Church Rd is terrible. Blocked by debris and now rubbish building. I’ve emailed Stockport Council and Ian Roberts a while ago. No response from either.

  12. Kerry Armitage says:

    FLATTEN THE TATTON indeed! Gatley has now become arguably the worst village centre in Greater Manchester, disgraceful how it’s been allowed to decline over the past 20 years!!!

  13. Jackmart says:

    I agree with Kerry. Proceed with a CPO now and flatten it!!!!!

  14. Jackmart says:

    Is it going to need a petition or Residents Action Group on this to sort it out?

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