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Lib Dems call for underpasses to be cleaned and painted

by Iain Roberts on 6 September, 2018

The Lib Dem team has asked the Council to clear and paint two large underpasses: the paths under Cheadle Royal roundabout and the underpass near Barnes Hospital.

Both are quiet areas and the walls of the underpasses quickly fill up with graffiti. There’s also a good deal of litter lying around.


3 Responses

  1. bruce says:

    The underpass near Barnes is not a very nice place to pass through and I would never use that in the dark.
    Why don’t the council block off the underpass to the other side of the road with a lockable iron railings/gate.
    Nobody will ever use it.

  2. Martin says:

    How about the underpass at Kingsay/Broadway that connects the two school sites. Always full of rubbish from the kids and could do with a spruce up. At least it is well lit

  3. Steve W says:

    Where we live the residents take the responsibility of keeping the area tidy. What’s wrong with getting the pupils at the school to pick up their litter, or the residents near the passageway at Barnes to get together – they might even get to know each other!!!!
    Too easy for folk these days to expect the council to do everything, then complain about the Council Tax rising excessively.

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