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Graham presses council to protect Gatley Carrs nature reserve

by Iain Roberts on 30 November, 2018

Graham Greenhalgh has presented a petition to Stockport Council, calling on the council to properly consider the request from Gatley Carrs Conservation Group for the Carrs to be brought into the Fields in Trust programme.

Fields In Trust is a nationwide scheme that helps protect green spaces from the threat of being lost to future development.

Graham presented the petition on behalf of Gatley Carrs Conservation Group. Cllr Sheila Bailey, the cabinet member responsible, has promised to personally respond.

“I was proud to have the opportunity to present the petition to have Gatley Carrs protected as Fields in Trust at tonight’s full Stockport Council meeting, followed up by a question to the executive to urgently pursue an answer on behalf of the people who enjoy the nature reserve.” Graham said.


4 Responses

  1. Elizabeth Ryan says:

    I hope this area of Gatley is protected because lots of people use it to exercise their dogs – I too used it for training and socialising my guide dog puppy. Therefore, I hope it remains for this purpose where people and wildlife can appreciate it natural state. I would be against it being developed.

  2. David Johnson says:

    As a regular user of the Carrs mainly to enjoy the wild life I strongly support its protection. There are so few green areas left and many of those are under threat. As a regular walker I find – to my regret – that I must add to traffic congestion just to reach green places. Gatley Carrs is one of the few within my walking distance but even Abney Park is already being damaged to accommodate wheels.

  3. Keith Bradbury says:

    Gatley Carrs is a great facility which I use from time to time. I hope the Conservation Group’s petition is successful

  4. Lois Evans says:

    Gatley Carrs is a great resource and well used by walkers, nature lovers & dog walkers. Please ensure it is permanently protected

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