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What’s coming up at Cheadle Area Committee, 29 Jan 2019

by Iain Roberts on 21 January, 2019

The next Cheadle Area Committee is at 6pm on Tuesday 29 January 2019 at Trinity Church, Massie Street, Cheadle.

Here’s what’s on the agenda:

  • Plans to restructure the Council’s public realm service
  • Application from Heald Green Ratepayers for £9,000 towards the £11,540 cost of a community-owned and operated CCTV system for the main Heald Green retail area on Finney Lane.
  • Application from Gatley Village Partnership for £400 towards the costs of publicity and school caretaker for Gatley Sports Day – which will be held at Kingsway School this year.
  • Application from Cheadle Get Connected for £200 towards promotional costs for Dementia Friends sessions.
  • Application from Grove Lane Baptist Church, Cheadle Hulme for £1000 towards the £7000 of replacing the kitchen  cupboards, drawers and sink.
  • Planning application DC/071904 – first floor rear extension and construction of front portico at 175 Stanley Road, Heald Green. Coming to committee because the house is in the green belt.
  • Greater Manchester Spatial Framework presentation
  • Report on the plans for the former Orrishmere Primary School site (still no firm plans).
  • Progress report on the works at Abney Hall Park and Roscoe’s Roundabout.
  • Proposal for 20mph speed limit on easterly part of Ladybridge Park Estate, Cheadle Hulme
  • Double yellow lines at junction of Broadway and Cherington Road – Cheadle: to consider an objection to the plans from a local resident and a proposed amendment (to single-yellow lines) in response.
  •  Proposal for double yellow lines on Wensley Road/Gatley Road in Cheadle – considering an objection to the scheme from a local resident.
  • Proposal for double yellow lines on Hall Street, Cheadle opposite Church Court – to consider three objections from residents.
  • Request for approval for additional funding to cover the cost of Christmas lights in Cheadle & Gatley.
  • Application for BMX event at Bruntwood Park on 14 July 2019.

You can see the full reports here.


6 Responses

  1. Roy says:

    Morning Iain
    Could you please add to the agenda a question from me?
    When will the pavements on and around Cheadle High Street be repaired (defective work rectified). These pavements have been defective since they were laid by the contractor George Cox, you are trying to encourage people out of their cars but walking into Cheadle risks splashing your trousers and shoes (caused by rocking paving slabs) or tripping on the loose uneven pavings. Please obtain a start/finish date for this work and also who will be paying for this urgent remedial work.
    And please don’t blame this on Brexit or funding cuts, it’s simply a case of forcing the original contractor to rectifie their shoody work

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Roy – we’ve reported on this before. Repair work has been done. It’s an ongoing process, of course, as more slabs become loose over time and more needs to be done. We’ll ask for this to be done.

      • Peter Rowley says:

        Hi Iain,
        The majority of the lose slabs are the same ones as before. The quality of work is appalling. They were finishing off failing to fix the ones outside Reed Rains as I was walking by a couple of weeks ago. I think they brushed in a cement type slurry into the cracks but as the foundations have failed such a solution does not solve the problem hence the reason there has been no improvement.

  2. Peter Rowley says:

    I agree with Roy.
    Somebody went round spraying an orange dot on some (but certainly not all) of the loose slabs. It has been so long since that was done the paint has almost worn off.
    The contractors excuse that the damage is due to vehicles mounting the pavement does not stand up as there are slabs behind bollards that are also loose. Given that the council and the contractors are fully aware that vehicles mount the pavement in certain places the foundation of the slabs needs to be sufficiently robust.

  3. Janet Holmes says:

    My support for the above …wasted money from the outset when the forecast was that these issues would appear. To my knowledge ‘red dots’ were applied two years ago, again in the autumn, and were washed away with no repairs carried out! Total waste of taxpayers money….and time , effort, and community interest in complaining. Shambles.

  4. Peter Rowley says:

    I have submitted a question on this topic to the Area Committee meeting via the Stockport council website. I am hoping to attend the meeting on the 29th.

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