Works to improve Manchester Road/High Street junction start on 11 March 2019

by Iain Roberts on 5 March, 2019

Works to improve the Manchester Road/High Street/Stockport Road junction by Cheadle Green start on 11 March and will last for around 5 weeks. There will be some traffic disruption during the works, and the Lib Dem team will be monitoring to ensure this is minimised.

The Lib Dem team have welcomed the improvements, which the Lib Dems have been campaigning for over several years.

“Local residents have been asking for proper pedestrian crossings at the junction for several years,” said Cllr Graham Greenhalgh. “We are very pleased that the work is now happening, even though it will mean some disruption. The improvements will make the junction safer for pedestrians and cyclists while keeping cars moving.”

The works will mean Manchester Road is closed southbound at the junction for at least some of the period, with a diversion via the A34. We will be speaking to council officers to make sure this period is minimised, as we know this diversion has caused long delays when it’s been done before.


Here is the letter to residents and the full plan of the works.


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  1. Iain Silverdale says:

    Please could you provide more detail on this Iain. I have been ‘unreliably’ informed via a third-hand source, that Manchester Road will be closed for 6-8 weeks in one direction. I am sure that this is fabrication to some level as if this were the case, Cheadle Village would become completely gridlocked. As a resident residing in the locality, I would have expected some kind of official notification through my letterbox, but having speaking to several neighbours, this is not the case.

    • Iain Roberts says:

      Hi Iain – the information we have is in the post (including the links at the bottom of the story). The Council assure us that they have posted letters to local residents, but I don’t know exactly who’s had them. However, you can see the letter here.

      From my reading of the council’s letter, it looks like Manchester Road will be one-way at the Cheadle end, so if you want to get from Parrs Wood to Cheadle, you’ll have to divert via the A34. Hopefully they’ll minimise the period that’s in place for!

  2. Paul Dixon says:

    Is this work in conjunction with what’s happening in abney park and Rosco round about?

  3. Wendy Rowley says:

    Yes, the diversion will be a pain but the end result will be well worth it. I can walk briskly but crossing that junction on foot is perilous, especially when cars frequently ignore the 20 mile hour limit. How people who can only walk slowly manage, I do not know. So well done for addressing the needs of pedestrians at last. (We live in Cheadle and have received the letter explaining all about the works).

  4. janet mcleod says:

    I honestly dont see whats wrong with the pedestrian crossing thats already there. Wouldnt the money be better spent on bike paths or something else much needed in the vicinity?

  5. Roy says:

    This pedestrian crossing is much needed and should have been constructed before now. But I would question why the construction period is going to be so long, what hours will work actually take place.
    One final question why construct a bike area at the lights for cyclists turning left of the High Street onto Manchester Road?
    Aren’t cyclists supposed to use the route which was intended to remove cyclists wishing to go down Manchester Road from using the High Street instead following the signage taking them behind the Church. I presume this route which even the British Cycling Team choose not to use, has been forgotten by the planners.

  6. Robert Cohen says:

    I’ve been using the crossing quite frequently since December – different route with the dog – and I have to say I think it works fine. Not sure the lengthy disruption is worth the cost to the environment…..and re-routing along A34? Those lights are a nightmare at the best of times.

  7. Val jordan says:

    How many crossings do we need in Cheadle and are people going to use them. It is a nightmare getting through Cheadle at the best of times, there are 3 crossings and people still just walk in front of cars to cross where they want – they can’t be bothered to walk a little further to the crossing. These have been total waste of money in Cheadle.
    Maybe it should be predestrianised!!!

  8. David says:

    As mentioned there are already several crossing points in Cheadle High Street, better placed and accessible. The local highway engineers inspire little confidence to design any traffic junction.
    A case in point, the “White Hart” junction, Wilmslow Road/A560 High Street. Traffic from Cheadle Hulme direction queuing at the lights, either turns left in Gatley direction towards KIngsway A34 or turns right onto High Street, Stockport direction. However, there is a “pinch point” at the junction, not wide enough to let traffic through side by side. Thus the junction is reduced to just single file operation at the point of turning.It is probably just a couple of inches to narrow, the pavement has width to give. This is the result of a major redesign of the junction not so long ago and at major cost. There is also the ongoing safety issue at the ‘T’ junction at the Horse and Farrier in Gatley, deemed by the same highway engineers as being adequately safe.
    What have the residents done to deserve such traffic planning incompetence!

  9. JB says:

    Yes, the junction at the Horse and Farrier in Gatley has been a dangerous spot for years but despite many complaints has not been addressed. Turning right towards Cheadle from Gatley is a nightmare. Extending the 20mph speed limit from the railway bridge would help.

    Incidentally, we have had no bus service down Styal Road for ages now although we still have the bus stops – with the occasional hopeful waiting at them. When might we see the service restored?

  10. John Allwork says:

    Is it too late to request yellow cross hatching to prevent cars on the high street blocking the right turn from Manchester Road?

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